Understanding the Selenium Grid 4

Selenium Grid is an open-source tool to automate web browsers. It allows us to achieve parallel execution of tests on different machines with the benefit of executing the same test suite on all the machines simultaneously. The aim is to make testing more efficient and decrease the test execution time. It also aids in lessening network...

by Sriyansh Jain
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Automation Testing, Testing

Automation Testing

INTRODUCTION Software Testing is a technique to verify if the actual product meets expected requirements and ensure that the product has zero defects. There are two types of testing- Manual and Automated. Manual test cases are applied manually by a tester without using any automated tools. Manual testing aims to recognize the software...

by kritika.sahni
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Mobile Application Testing

Testing of the mobile application is a method by which an application software system developed for hand-held mobile devices is tested for its practicality, usability, and consistency. Mobile application testing is often an automated or manual variety of testing. Mobile testing aims to verify that every function of the application...

by Aadivya Prakash
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AngularJS, Digital Transformation

Building an App – Ionic Vs React Native

More and more companies are putting efforts on building digital products. A mobile application or web portal becomes business critical with customers evolving digitally. Some of these companies have specific needs while pursuing application development such as building cross-platform application, hybrid application or native application. ...

by Apoorva Chawla
Tag: Functional Testing

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Dev-Test-Ops: The Way Forward for Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Competition has grown manifold in the last decade with a constant need for faster time to market, superior customer experience and continuous evolution. WIth the modern software economy becoming biased towards innovative products that keep pace with accelerating market demands, technology-led products appeal to early adopters and niche...

by Apoorva Chawla
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Why Payment Gateway Process Needs to be Tested?

A company that handles the transactions between two parties (i.e. merchant and customer) is called payment processor. The payment is accomplished by passing on the payment information, like a credit card/debit card, from the customer to the merchant’s preferred bank account. There are several payment processing companies functioning in...

by Sanya Datt
Tag: Functional Testing

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Top 5 Mobile-Testing Strategies

Testing a mobile application is often challenging as compared to web application mainly due to the various factors affecting the behavior of the application. Some of these factors include different operating systems and their versions, different screen sizes and different networks. In this challenging phase of planning and testing a...

by Shreya Agrwal
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Best Practices for Writing Test Cases

What is a Test Case? Set of conditions or variables used by testers to determine whether a system works as expected are Test Cases. These help in validating the coverage of an application. A test case should be : Easy to understand and execute Accurate Easy to trace as per requirements Repeatable Reusable Test cases...

by Rohit Yadav
Tag: Functional Testing

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Domain Knowledge: A Must to Kick Off QA Process

Erstwhile, anyone with a ground understanding of testing concepts can start testing an application. With fast-paced software industry evolution, demand for technical expertise coupled with domain familiarity is gradually increasing. Quoting an example for better context, suppose a renowned chef well versed in culinary arts working...

by Neelima Sharan
Tag: Functional Testing

Connected TV, Manual Testing

Usability Testing for Smart TV – Quick Tips and Considerations

Usability is the degree of user-friendliness of any application. Hence, the primary focus of usability testing is to understand the way real users interact with a product and possible solutions to improve its design. However, when it comes to usability in Smart TV Apps, the focus branches into multiple aspects such as focus handling,...

by Anurag Singh
Tag: Functional Testing

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8 Key Strategies for Mobile Automation Testing!

Customer habits are quickly changing and evolving. Thanks in no small part to the growth of digital technologies and smartphones. According to one of the recent report from Comscore, Smartphone penetration has surpassed 80% in the USA. Companies want to leverage this fast-growing trend and provide a second to none experience to their...

by Shruti Kirti
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Product Engineering, Software development

How to Build Winning Products? The Ultimate Go-Live Checklist to Consider!

Going live with a project is always a big event for any product engineering company. It is important to make sure that everything works perfectly and quality software is delivered to the customer. However, at times you can only know more defects once the product is launched and multiple users are using it. There are two questions to...

by Sanya Datt
Tag: Functional Testing