Scaling AEM using AWS-S3 with TAR-MK

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  1. AEM 6.5
  2. Latest Service pack (I am using 6.5.8 here).
  3. S3 connector (Feature pack version 1.10.10)
  4. Amazon S3 bucket.

Required feature pack

Note :S3 connector feature pack has dependency over the service packs, as it uses oak as dependencies and AEM should be updated with a equal/higher version of oak than the one s3 connector is using , look for the service packs POM to know which version of OAK is being used.


Run modes 

AEM needs to be started using crx3tar-nofds run mode if S3 Data store to be configured with TarMK.

java -jar <aem-jar-file>.jar -r crx3tar-nofds

AEM has two stores 

  1. Node Store

    Content nodes are stored in a node store.

    Segment Node Store for TarMK and Document Node Store for MongoMK

    The segment node store is the basis of Adobe’s TarMK implementation in AEM6.

    PID : org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.segment.SegmentNodeStoreService

    Segment Node Configuration Options

    Options  Description Default value
    repository.home Path to repository home under which repository-related data is stored. crx-quickstart/segmentstore
    tarmk.size Maximum size of a segment in MB 256 MB
    customBlobStore Boolean value indicating that a custom data store is used. True for AEM 6.3 and later versions

    False for Prior to AEM 6.3



  2. Data Store

The binary data is stored in a data store.

Data Store Configuration : Amazon S3 Data Store

PID : org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.blob.datastore.S3DataStore.config

Steps to configure Amazon S3 as Data store –

  1. Extract the contents of the feature pack zip file to a temporary folder.
  2. Go to the temporary folder and navigate to the following location: jcr_root/libs/system/install
  3. Copy all the contents from the above location to <aem-install>/crx-quickstart/install
  4. copy org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.blob.datastore.S3DataStore.config file from the following folder:

<feature pack>/jcr_root/libs/system/config 



  1. Edit the file and add the configuration options required by your setup.
  2. Start AEM.

AWS S3 connector configuration options

Options Description Default value
accessKey The AWS access key
secretKey The AWS secret access key.
Note: Alternatively, IAM roles can be used for authentication. If you are using IAM roles you no longer need to specify the accessKey and secretKey.
s3Bucket The bucket name.
s3Region The bucket region.
path The path of the data store. <AEM install folder>/repository/datastore
minRecordLength The minimum size of an object that should be stored in the data store. 16KB
maxCachedBinarySize Binaries with size less than or equal to this size will be stored in the memory cache. The size is in bytes. 17408
cacheSize The size of the cache. The value is specified in bytes.  64GB
secret Only to be used if using binaryless replication for shared datastore setup.
stagingSplitPercentage The percentage of cache size configured to be used for staging asynchronous uploads. 10
uploadThreads The number of upload threads that are used for asynchronous uploads.  10
stagingPurgeInterval The interval in seconds for purging finished uploads from the staging cache. 300 seconds
stagingRetryInterval The retry interval in seconds for failed uploads. 600 seconds


All the binaries will be stored under S3, except the one has smaller size than minRecordLength






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