Rahul Pandey


Scaling AEM using AWS-S3 with TAR-MK

Prerequisites  AEM 6.5 Latest Service pack (I am using 6.5.8 here). S3 connector (Feature pack version 1.10.10) Amazon S3 bucket. Required feature pack  com.adobe.granite.oak.s3connector-1.10.10.zip Note :S3 connector feature pack has dependency over the service packs, as it uses oak as dependencies and AEM should...


AEM, Java

Access multiple implementation of an OSGi service from a Sling servlet dynamically

Use Case  Here we are going to showcase how we can access multiple implementations of an OSGI service dynamically (at run time) from a sling servlet. Break the requirement To deal with the requirement we are going to break it in multiple requirements - Creating multiple implementations of an OSGi service. Giving an unique...