What Lies Ahead of Web Attacks in 2017?

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Being in the middle of the second quarter of 2017, we can already find a number of reports regarding web attacks, also known as cyber-attacks or cyber threats. Due to a constant rate of increase of reports regarding web attacks, it is essential for people all over the world to be aware of the imminent attacks or threats. From the loss of details to taking over of various servers, it is a significant issue individual ought to take up and prepare themselves for what lies ahead of them.
As they say,“prevention is better than cure.” It’s time one should become serious about these issues and take necessary steps in preventing web attacks.

To the matter of concern, there are obviously many types of cyber threats apart from those mentioned below. But to start with, everyone should make themselves familiar with some of the major prediction of web attacks that can happen in 2017.

Following are some of the major threats that could take place.

I. Existing risks of the Internet of Things(IoT)

Based on the Mirai Attacks in 2016, it certainly leaves us with doubts about the present risks involved in Internet of Things technologies, be it secured or unsecured. Internet of Things devices interacts with the central command and control apps through services of web API, which are very much vulnerable to attacks. Sooner or later, security of Internet of Things will become a threatening issue for life. Adding on to this, threats regarding Internet of Things are implemented on a larger scale. Many people don’t realize the critical weakness of power grids, railway systems, avionics platforms and other infrastructures related to household Internet of Things devices. And also, one of the most disastrous impacts of DDoS attacks.


II. Complications of Ransom Attacks:

Due to the risks involved with Internet of Things attacks, hackers get their hands on unsecured application.This leads to a threat by the hackers for the business groups or individuals, demanding to pay them a huge sum of money, in return for which, they will keep the data and information unharmed. The reference of Conant on 2003 blackout in the US Northeast is an example, followed by the hit of a tide of ransom attacks in 2016 in the US hospitals, thus interrupting their operations by not allowing them access to pertinent file systems. The other ransom threats of digital dangers, therefore defending this expectation have made the FDA alarm the producers of therapeutic gadgets.


III. Security taking on Convenience

Prioritizing the fact of security taking on convenience is a big question running in minds of consumers.Consumers are generally worried about the risks in the lax password usage, which could lead to threats of identity and data.However, this somehow could be prevented.In a broader view, the subject of taking care of users password securities prompts another question,that, who ought to be the charge of the wellbeing of individuals?

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IV. Increase in the mobile points of entry

Going beyond the threats related to Internet of Things, complications of ransom attacks and security taking on convenience.Mobile devices and their different applications impose an entry level threat of web attacks, which has a growing impact on a regular basis and soon will be considered as one of the top major threats of web attacks. The very basic threats to mobile devices are due to thoughts running in minds of the users. Their thought runs in such a way that they can protect their own privacy while having access to personal and business services, leading to a gateway of many threats of web attacks. Secondly, mobile payments and weakness of mobile platforms can lead to vulnerable activities like SMS phishing and much more.


V. Cyber terrorism as a war

One of the scariest prospects, hence prompting the hard sentiments of specialists in cyber securities, this ought to be considered in the table of 2017.
Above stated are few of the most predicted ones, thus leaving many more threats which we may face. Starting from the change of date theft to manipulation of data, differences between business reputations and much more are likely to occur. Web attacks are not new, and they won’t stop in 2017.Be that as it may, it’s the obligation of specialists of digital securities to investigate the matter in order to know what is there and what is to come and plan accordingly in order to make this world a secure place to live.



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