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Ransomware – A CryptoViral Extortion Attack

Ransomware is malicious software that blocks access to data until the ransom is paid. An advanced type of ransomware encrypts the files on the system. Since it restricts the user from accessing their records, it can be termed as Denial Of Service attack. To get back the access to files or to get the data decrypted, the victim is...

by Ubaid Ahmed
Tag: Computer Crime / Hacking / Cybercrime

Application Security, Technology

What Lies Ahead of Web Attacks in 2017?

Being in the middle of the second quarter of 2017, we can already find a number of reports regarding web attacks, also known as cyber-attacks or cyber threats. Due to a constant rate of increase of reports regarding web attacks, it is essential for people all over the world to be aware of the imminent attacks or threats. From the loss of...

by Naman Goel
Tag: Computer Crime / Hacking / Cybercrime

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An essence of Application Security in Healthcare Sector

Hackers and cyber criminals identify healthcare organizations as a source of assets, similar in a way that a bank has monetary assets. In case you have any doubt about the previous statement, I would like to reassure you that healthcare information has a monetary value and worth. And yes, it is at risk. What is wrong with the Healthcare...

by Ankit Giri
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