Editable Label Tag and introduction to Effects Tag Lib

19 / Feb / 2011 by Kushal Likhi 0 comments

Lately i had some spare time, hence decided to utilise it for developing some cool GUI elements.

What is effects tag lib??

It is just a new tag lib which is intended to contain some cool grails tags for GUI manipulations.
new tags will be added to it on timely basis, this is the first post regarding this tag lib.

Editable Lable

this is the first tag in this tag lib. It is a cool GUI label which can be edited realtime.

1) Post-able as a form element.
2) easy value manipulation and extraction.
3) Tool Tip support.
4) Validate-able using, just assign class as you assign to any text field for validation.
5) style-able using css
6) Default value and blank handling
7) easy to use.

Details about the tag
tag usage:-

<etl:editableLable />

you can treat this tag as an input text field, it gives you similar behaviour

1) name: for form support, the value is posted with the form with param.
2) class: class to be applied, for styling and validation.
3) id: id given to the input feild
4) value: value to be displayed on the lable
5) default: the value to be displayed in case user enters blank in the edit mode
6) size: the size of the input feild
7) tooltip: text to be displayed in tool tip. if nothing specified default tooltip text will be displayed. i.e. “click to edit”
8] tooltipclass: class assigned for styling the tooltip as per the page needs
NOTE: All attributes are not required.


here is the demo to the tag:

Next Addition

# Image scroller filmstrip tag
# vertical image slider tag
# Editable paragraph tag
# safe string tag
# Drawable rounded border without images tag
# auto sizing-resizing tag
# relative positioning
# image slider normal
# picker tab(3X3) tag
# tool tip provider tag
# progress bar tag
# slider tag
# modal window
# modless window
# progress bar
# more/less box
# pie graph
# bar graph
keep looking………


Link coming soon!! within few days.. waiting for some more tags to be completed.

Kushal Likhi


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