Smart way of focussing a text input on page load for heavy pages

Let's say you have a login page which contains a form with username and password field in it (offcourse, along with a submit button). Let's say being much focussed towards user convenience with the user interface, you want to put the cursor in the username field of your form as soon as the page loads. You just go ahead and write- ...

by raj
Tag: input


Editable Label Tag and introduction to Effects Tag Lib

Lately i had some spare time, hence decided to utilise it for developing some cool GUI elements. What is effects tag lib?? It is just a new tag lib which is intended to contain some cool grails tags for GUI manipulations. new tags will be added to it on timely basis, this is the first post regarding this tag lib. Editable Lable ...

by Kushal Likhi
Tag: input