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TechFluence: The Most Exciting Tech Conference of 2019 is here

  The wait is finally over! It's time to get your geek on for TechFluence 2019 - the most happening tech conference of the year. A power-packed day dedicated to the best in tech, TechFluence promises to be an extravaganza for the techies at heart. A daylong conference, it offers a forum for software technology enthusiasts to meet,...


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SQL Your Application Safe?

We all have search functionality in our applications. It is one of the most core features you would find ranging from searching for users, products, companies, etc.  But are you sure your search functionality is doing exactly what it is supposed to do? You might have written test cases for it as well. But still, there are things...


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How To Integrate RabbitMQ using Spring?

In this blog, we will see two different implementations of RabbitMQ, but before going to the implementation part let's take a brief intro of some prerequisites. JMS The Java Message Service (JMS) is a Message Oriented Middleware Java API that supports the formal communication between software components. It allows applications to...


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Day 1 of Gr8Conf IN 2017 – A Groovy Start to the Year

GR8Conf IN 2017, the second Indian edition of the GR8Conf was held on the first week of January in New Delhi. GR8Conf is an independent series of conferences in India, Denmark and the US that are dedicated to the Groovy and Grails community. The 2-day conference was attended by over 200 Groovy and Grails enthusiasts and technocrats...


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How to Perform event on successful login via Spring Security in Grails

Some applications require to store and show last login of the user which is quite common. With this feature a user can verify the last login date and time upon successful login. I would like to explain this through a use case - One of the administrative application on Grails required to hold last login date and time of the user, so...


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Grails Plugin Contributions by Experts @ TO THE NEW

Our experts at TO THE NEW believe in sharing knowledge by contributing to Plugins, speaking at conferences, organizing conferences and so on. Outlined below is the list of Grails Plugin contributions (both that we have developed and migrated to Grails 3.0) to extend various Grails functionalities. 1. Pretty Time - This Grails plugin...


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MEAN Plugin Contributions by experts @ TO THE NEW

Our development team always strives to contribute to the community in various ways including speaking at conferences, hosting conferences, developing plugins to extend functionalities and so on. In this blog, we outline all the plugins that our development team has contributed towards MEAN stack: Javascript (MEAN Stack) Plugins 1....


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Grails 3 – Migrating from Filters to Interceptors

Grails 3 comes with lots of new features and performance improvements, one of them being Interceptors which is a kind of a replacement for Filters from earlier versions of Grails. Filters are used to apply logic across the whole group of Controllers, URI, or to a particular action and are used in most of the Grails projects. ...


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Configuring Grails 3 application with ASCII Docs

Documentation is a very important aspect in any software development project because it helps us to understand how our software application works. Recently, I have been trying to give back to Grails community by updating existing plugins to Grails 3, creating and updating documentation of Grails plugins and by opening bug report....


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Run Grails application as standalone application

Most Grails application are intended to deploy within external container. According to the traditional way of deployment, the apps are bundled as war packaging, deploy it into any external container like tomcat and Jetty. There is a plugin Standalone App Runner which allow to em-bade a container inside the grails application itself....


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Getting Started With Application Authentication Via Kong API Gateway

  Kong is an open-source, customizable, Nginx-based and scalable API middleware (API Gateway).Kong can be configured in front of any RESTful API and let the developers concentrate more on implementing business logic without caring about functionalities like authentication mechanism, rate limiting, logging,  internal...


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Using Hibernate Events with PersistenceEventListener

In my last blog, we discussed how to hook into GORM API to add some common custom functionality. We will refer the same problem that we discussed in my last blog. Here is the problem statement: In my grails plugin I was needed to add some fields that were common to a set of domains. For eg: for some domains we wanted to store fields like...