Node KnockOut at IntelliGrape : A 48 hours non-stop programming event

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IntelliGrape has just completed its participation in Node KnockOut, Biggest Node JS programming competition.

The event is described as 48 hours Hackathon featuring Node.JS where more than 400 teams/individuals across the globe participated with the motive to start an app from scratch and submit their final version of app as the time gets over.

The competition started at 12:00 AM / 00:00 UTC on November 9, 2013 and ended at 12:00 AM / 00:00 UTC on November 11, 2013. Within the defined time limit, two teams from IntelliGrape (Now TO THE NEW Digital); Team Node Ninja Turtles and Team Ninja successfully deployed their respective app to be a part of Hackathon history.

Team Node Ninja Turtles:

Khushal Likhi, Shreyance Jain and Sakhsi Tyagi teamed together to develop a Geofencing and GeoSearching App called GeoSpace API.

The purpose is to create an API which is easy to use and implement in any kind of application that needs some Geographical Intelligence, be it GeoFencing or GeoSearching.

Some of the main features of GeoSpace API are:

  • A complete admin dashboard
  • Ability to get the usage statistics of your account.
  • Ability to view complete AccessLogs for analysis and debugging purposes.
  • WebHook management.

Advantages of API:

  • Manage the “Geo Entities” in the geographical space.
  • Search on basis of within a specified region.
  • Search on basis of nearest.
  • Find whose region intersect with others. If a entity has come in touch of other entity.
  • Find entity who is completely inside others.

To read more about the API, its features, how to use and what are the technologies involed in it, CLICK HERE or to access the app you can visit its Official Node KnockOut Page.

Team Node Ninja

Suroor Wijdan, Manoj Nama and Sahil Chitkara supported each other to develop an interactive Truth and Dare game using NodeJS, Socket.IO and WebRTC.

It is a light weight multiplayer online game which encourages you to add a few (Maximum 5) of your friends to play the classic game of Truth and Dare by spinning the bottle placed at the center of the table.

Features of Truth and Dare:

You can easily start the game by hitting the URL. You can invite your friends easily by typing in their mobile numbers. It automatically sends them invitation to join the game on their mobile phones with a token number which will be required to join the game.

Once everybody is on the table, you can start spinning the bottle.


  • Live Chatting
  • Video Conferencing
  • Bottle visible to everyone
  • Easy to get started
  • No need to signup

To read more about the API, its features, how to use and what are the technologies involved in it, CLICK HERE or to access the app you can visit its Official Node KnockOut Page.

Once the voting starts, you can vote for app of your choice and make it a winner.

For more details about the event, visit Node Knockout Website.


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