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First Hand Experience of Day 1 at AWS Re:Invent’13 – by IntelliGrape

It was an amazing day for IntelliGrape at AWS Re:Invent: the largest gathering of developers and technical leaders from the AWS community. Attendees from across the globe are present here to take advantage of 175+ sessions, training bootcamps, hands-on labs, and Hackathon to gain deeper skills and knowledge of the AWS Cloud. ...

by Bansi


Node KnockOut at IntelliGrape : A 48 hours non-stop programming event

IntelliGrape has just completed its participation in Node KnockOut, Biggest Node JS programming competition. The event is described as 48 hours Hackathon featuring Node.JS where more than 400 teams/individuals across the globe participated with the motive to start an app from scratch and submit their final version of app as the time...

by Bansi


10 MUST ATTEND sessions at AWS ReInvent’13

AWS Re: Invent’13, November 12-15, 2013 - Las Vegas is going to be the cloud event of the year. With a total of 202 sessions across 13 tracks in 4 days; 361 speakers, 174 from AWS team and 186 from customer base which is 34% more than total sessions in 2012. With session list announced a month ago and exclusive session builder already...

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Evening Session on AWS CloudFront & Auto Scaling by Amazon and IntelliGrape Software

IntelliGrape Software (Now TO THE NEW Digital) in association with AWS presented an Evening Session on AWS CloudFront & Auto Scaling at Hyatt Regency, Delhi on 27th September. The event saw engagement from CEOs, CTOs and CIOs of e-commerce companies, start-ups and enterprises with a purpose to understand CloudFront and Auto Scaling...

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Big Data

BigData Search Simplified with Elastic Search by Manoj Mohan @ IndicThread’13

The 2nd Annual IndicThreads conference on software development was held on 30-31st August 2013, in Delhi/NCR, India. The conference was aimed at discussing latest software techniques, tools and technologies, primarily in the domains of Big Data, Java and Cloud. Some big shots of the industry, with years of experience as practitioners,...

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Data Binding Threats and Security with Grails

Data binding is the technique of binding two data sources to maintain the synchronization of data which in reference to grails stands for binding incoming request parameters onto the properties of an object or entire graph of objects. These methods allow user to write clean and shaping code without littering the script and data with lots...

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