First Hand Experience of Day 1 at AWS Re:Invent’13 – by IntelliGrape

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It was an amazing day for IntelliGrape at AWS Re:Invent: the largest gathering of developers and technical leaders from the AWS community. Attendees from across the globe are present here to take advantage of 175+ sessions, training bootcamps, hands-on labs, and Hackathon to gain deeper skills and knowledge of the AWS Cloud.

Hundreds of Enterprises, be it small, medium or king size are here with their CEOs, CTOs and technical teams to learn, explore and implement with everything they need to thrive in the AWS Cloud.

Day 1 of the event was distributed in different individual segments focusing on different Agendas.

It was an early day for all the attendees with registration opening at 07:00 AM which allowed people to move to different venues as per their interests.

Certifications: A certification program aimed at providing AWS certifications to individuals who demonstrate technical knowledge, skills and proficiency with AWS services in a written exam conducted at the venue.

Hacktahon: One thing that distinguished it from others was its purpose. AWS partnered itself with entities involved in the non-profit sector — United Way,, Cancer Research UK, and NASA/JPL — to help them solve some of their problems through the IT Challenges. The ultimate aim of Hackathon was to hack on big problems to support a worthy cause and experiment with new services.

BootCamp: These full day sessions provided everyone an opportunity to gain a foundational knowledge of AWS or to develop deeper skills working with AWS.

Gameday: AWS Gameday bestowed technical teams with the powers to dive into others systems with the aim of assaulting the infrastructure and interrupt the workloads of opponents while keeping their own team’s system online and functional.

AWS Global APN summit: The Global APN Summit at AWS re:Invent 2013 was solely dedicated to AWS partners. This event was a chance for AWS Partners, including resellers and consulting partners to hear from AWS leadership about the future of the business and the AWS Partner Network. It got even better when insight for developing a growing cloud practice in 2014 with AWS was amalgamated with success stories of peers.

It was an action packed day, followed by a World Class reception where people got to interact with each other.

Its going to be another exciting day tomorrow at IntelliGrape Booth #206. Will keep you guys updated with more posts straight from Las Vegas.

A few images from DAY 1 of AWS Re:Invent’13.


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