AWS re:Invent : AWS Config

AWS Config, a web service being introduced this AWS re:invent. This web service is currently available for North Virginia Region. AWS Config enables Customer to get a complete view of configuration of AWS resources (EC2 Instance, Elastic IP, Security Groups , VPC , Internet Gateway etc) associated with your AWS account and also enables to...

by Vikash Jha
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First Hand Experience of Day 1 at AWS Re:Invent’13 – by IntelliGrape

It was an amazing day for IntelliGrape at AWS Re:Invent: the largest gathering of developers and technical leaders from the AWS community. Attendees from across the globe are present here to take advantage of 175+ sessions, training bootcamps, hands-on labs, and Hackathon to gain deeper skills and knowledge of the AWS Cloud. ...

by Bansi
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