Infographic: A comparative analysis of new age Smart TVs

01 / Sep / 2016 by kinshuk jhala 0 comments

These days customers interact with multiple web and mobile products and expect to receive seamless experience across the channels. Considering the importance of omni-channel user experience, brands are not only aiming to build products for web and mobile, but also foraying into Smart TV space to connect with millions of viewers, provide them a vivid 10 foot experience and personalize the entire customer journey.

More often brands are looking to develop native as well as hybrid Smart TV products for Android, Apple, Roku, Amazon Fire and multiple other brands. Some forward looking brands are also developing VOD applications and screen casts for devices such as Chromecast and Airplay.

The investment in building Smart products is also echoed in one of the recent Gartner surveys which states “87 percent of TVs shipped annually will be Smart TVs by 2018” Increase in Smart TV viewing will most certainly increase the content consumption.

In the below infographic, we have tried to cover more insights and compare different Smart TVs so to help you figure out the popularity among viewers and develop custom products matching to the audiences’ expectations.

New age Smart TV unleashed - A Comparative analysis

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