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How do you develop Roku Apps using the Stack Methodology?

Table of Contents What is Roku? What is Stack Methodology? Advantages Disadvantages Stack Implementation Stack utilization Sample Channel discussion and execution References What is Roku?  Roku is a brand and platform known for its streaming media players and smart TVs. It was developed by Roku, Inc., an American company founded in 2002. Roku devices are […]

April 16, 2024

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Building Home View for tvOS using SwiftUI: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the age of digital streaming, Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms have become increasingly popular for delivering media content directly to viewers via the internet. With the rise of smart TVs and set-top boxes, developing an OTT application for tvOS has become essential for reaching a wide audience. In this guide, we will walk you through creating […]

October 26, 2023

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The Streaming Wars: Why Roku Is Winning the Battle

The rise of streaming services has brought about fierce competition in the entertainment industry. Among the key players vying for dominance, Roku has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. With its user-friendly approach, extensive content library, and strategic partnerships, Roku has successfully positioned itself as the leader in the streaming wars. In this […]

September 19, 2023

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Debugging with Bright Script Logger

Logs are always very useful for software developers. It helps developers identify the problems & issues with their programs. Logs help them print data on the console & debug their code. Are logs really that easy to use  Logs seem pretty much handy, but there are some problems too with logs, and one of the […]

July 24, 2023

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Various monetization models for OTT platforms

The over-the-top (OTT) industry is rapidly expanding, with an increasing number of people turning to stream services for entertainment. However, with so many OTT platforms now available, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to monetize their offerings. This blog will look at some of the most innovative OTT platform monetization models. Subscription-based Model: The subscription-based […]

February 11, 2023

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OTT & It’s Trends

OTT, a term, that has been noticed by most of us in the past few years, but very few of us know what OTT is and how it works. In this blog today, we’ll try to put some light on the OTT industry, and“ we’ll take a closer look at some of the latest trends […]

February 6, 2023

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Mirror Maker for Kafka Migration

For one of our Global Advertising Management Platform clients, we did one migration project with zero downtime for components like Platform DB, Ceph, Aerospike, Kafka (Zookeeper +data nodes), MapR (hive, oozie, hue), Druid (Zookeeper +data nodes), Flink (Zookeeper +data nodes), Monitoring (Icinga,collectd, cloudwatch), Logging (logstash & Opensearch) & Other Components ( Nexus, SFTP, Jenkins ). […]

October 31, 2022

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How to Build Winning Smart TV Apps With a Comprehensive Testing Strategy?

The pattern of content consumption has changed markedly in the last two decade. From mobile phones in the 90’s to smart phones to smart TVs, the demand for smart connected devices continues to grow. According to a Gartner consumer survey, worldwide, by 2018, 87 percent of the TVs shipped annually will be smart TVs. The […]

August 25, 2017

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Top 6 Key Considerations When Developing Smart TV Application

We are living in a smart economy. Every passing day we witness a surge in smart and connected products may it be Smart Home, Smart Phones, Smart Watches or Smart TVs. The rise in digital technologies presents an opportunity to develop cutting-edge products that are both engaging and intuitive. Companies wanting to ride the smart […]

August 22, 2017