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How to Build Winning Smart TV Apps With a Comprehensive Testing Strategy?

The pattern of content consumption has changed markedly in the last two decade. From mobile phones in the 90’s to smart phones to smart TVs, the demand for smart connected devices continues to grow. According to a Gartner consumer survey, worldwide, by 2018, 87 percent of the TVs shipped annually will be smart TVs. The figure below...


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Top 6 Key Considerations When Developing Smart TV Application

We are living in a smart economy. Every passing day we witness a surge in smart and connected products may it be Smart Home, Smart Phones, Smart Watches or Smart TVs. The rise in digital technologies presents an opportunity to develop cutting-edge products that are both engaging and intuitive. Companies wanting to ride the smart bandwagon...


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Usability Testing for Smart TV – Quick Tips and Considerations

Usability is the degree of user-friendliness of any application. Hence, the primary focus of usability testing is to understand the way real users interact with a product and possible solutions to improve its design. However, when it comes to usability in Smart TV Apps, the focus branches into multiple aspects such as focus handling,...


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Infographic – 6 Considerations for Testing Smart TV Applications

Brands foraying into Smart TV space need to provide a superior user experience for better recall and engagement as there has been a great increase in Smart TV content consumption. Unlike testing mobile apps, Smart TV apps require a lot of efforts as testing is platform specific and most testing teams are new to the platforms. We have...


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Deep Linking in Roku

Deep linking is used for launching the public channel, universal search and directly open to a particular video in a public channel. According to new Roku development guidelines, all public channels are now essential to implement deep linking to pass certification. Implementation of Deep linking in Roku Step 1: Modify the main...


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7 Tips To Consider While Testing Smart TV Applications

Brands foraying into Smart TV space need to provide a superior user experience for better recall and engagement as there has been a great increase in Smart TV content consumption. So, why are Smart TVs becoming popular?  Content consumption patterns are changing with the arrival of Smart TVs. This is definetely because of the...


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How to Convert a Tizen Application to Orsay?

Introduction Most of the Smart TVs applications are web based and are primarily developed using HTML and CSS. In case the native component of Smart TV is not used, it is easy to develop an application that can run on different Smart TVs such as Orsay, Tizen, LG, Opera, Smart Alliance, Amazon Fire etc. You can develop a Smart TV...


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6 Top Considerations for Building a Connected TV Experience

In this era of connected consumerism, connected TVs have steadily embarked their journey. More and more users are now expecting experiential interactions to be extended to their living rooms. It is now time for brands to make TVs an essential and not optional channel while defining their digital strategies. There is a definite trend...


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Login With Facebook for Smart TV – User Experience

When developing a web, mobile app or a Smart TV app - login with Facebook is used for user authentication and conveniently capturing the user's social information from Facebook itself. This blog describes the steps to have a clear and consistent user experience for device login on a Smart TV.  Flow for Login With Facebook on Smart TV ...


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Infographic: A comparative analysis of new age Smart TVs

These days customers interact with multiple web and mobile products and expect to receive seamless experience across the channels. Considering the importance of omni-channel user experience, brands are not only aiming to build products for web and mobile, but also foraying into Smart TV space to connect with millions of viewers, provide...


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Playing different Videos with Exo-Player in Android TV

There are usually 3 types of videos while streaming in any Video Player. While working on Android TV we categorize these in Dash Videos HLS Videos (.m3u8 & .ts) Others (.mp4,.mpeg etc) We need different types of ExtractorRendererBuilder for playing different videos with Exo-Player. In this article I will be...


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Things to be taken care while testing ROKU TV.

What is ROKU? Smart TV development has witnessed an extraordinary growth in the last few years. TV testing is an interesting market. ROKU is a streaming platform which helps enhance the power of an ordinary TV thereby transforming it into Smart TV, opening the doors to the outer world. It allows seamless Media transfer. ROKU setup...