SEO Power Words Proven Way to Increase Web Traffic

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SEO Power Words

Today, you’ll use approximately 8,400 words. According to research, that is an average. Some of those terms may find their way into your website’s pages and posts on social media if you’re a marketer.
We do not choose words unconsciously, even though we do so thousands of times daily. When we have marketing goals, we must choose our words carefully, thoughtfully, and with traffic in mind because certain words have the ability to increase traffic.

SEO Power Words Screen

Does SEO Terms Entice Ready-to-buy Visitors?

SEO has numerous elements that evaluate everything from the website’s design, heading, and Meta description to simple pdfs. So, it is good to use the power words in your website to boost website traffic and SEO. Many people have been using power words to drive audience engagement without trouble. It would be best to utilize specific words in online writing that target the audience and control their emotions. In this post, you can learn about power words and how to choose them for your content.

SEO Power Words

What Does a Power Word Mean?

The power word has a strong meaning, which the marketers utilize to activate an emotional response from the audience. It appeals to the individual’s emotions to convince them to take quick action. It may be persuading them to buy products, contact your technician or join the email list. Your content pieces must employ power words to drive more traffic and conversions. Google or other search engines reward the website, which draws more organic traffic. You have won the battle when you can boost traffic with unique power words.
If you don’t use the power word in the content, it reduces the dwell time and hurts search engine optimization. Remember, the SEO power word is vital in the title. It’s because that is the first thing people see on your website. Thus, it would be best to make the title attractive by following the character count rule. The headline is a small piece about the content. A poor title will lose the audience, hence losing the prospective customer. But an eye-catching headline can encourage the audience to connect to the content. Let’s see where we can use power words:

SEO Power Words

Reasons for using SEO Power Words

You can add SEO power words when creating the email subject lines, call to action, title, and headlines. These contents should be short and crisp, grabbing the audience’s attention and increasing website traffic. You should follow the compulsory character limit that prevents business owners from being lengthy. Those seeking the best search engine optimization power don’t create the page title longer. It is because the words you have selected to develop the title are long.
An important reason for using the power word is that they provide real emotion, which you try to convey to readers. Therefore, you can select short phrases, which aids with conversion rate and reading score of content. On the other hand, using SEO power words in the headline and content helps to boost the website traffic effectively.

Why Do Power Words Work?

Dr. Eric Whitman mentioned the eight fundamental human impulses in his classic work Cashvertising. They are as follows:

  • Survival, happiness, and life extension
  • Food and beverage consumption
  • Freedom from anxiety, agony, and danger
  • Sexual Companionship
  • Comfortable living conditions
  • Superiority, victory, and keeping up with the Joneses
  • Protection and care for loved ones
  • Social acceptance

He claims that humans are born with these needs and that every human everywhere, at all times, has all of these drives.

Then he talked about the nine learned desires. These desires are taught to us by society, not what we were born with. They are as follows:

  • Being informed
  • Curiosity
  • Body and environment cleanliness
  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Dependability/quality
  • Beauty and style expression
  • Economy/profits/Bargains

Power words thrive because of these 17 basic desires. When utilized correctly, power words can tap into one or more of the 17 desires that every human being has. You will compel readers to click and take action if you create an emotional response in addition to the specificity of your title.

How Do You Use Power Words?

SEO power words aim at activating the psychological response in the audience. You can prepare the list of power words to add to the headlines and post title. In addition, you will find power words in the newspaper, billboards, online articles, flyers, and more. Everyone has a goal while writing blog posts, titles, or ads. Using the short SEO power word helps to optimize the headline. Getting more clicks is the perfect method to stand out in the crowd. More clicks on the post can lead to higher ranking and maximum revenue.

SEO Power Words

Focus on Search Intent

The fundamental goal someone has when they type a keyword into a search engine or look for anything online is called search intent. Each content piece should connect with precise search intent, just as each blog article should have a well-defined goal.
For example, suppose you wish to write a blog article about “windshield replacement.”

    1. First, Google our goal keyword and examine the information on page one.

Search Intent

    1. Examine the information on SERPs (search engine results page). Examine the Featured Snippet, GMB listings, maps, the “people also ask” section and the names of the most popular blog articles.

Search Intent

  1. Finally, carefully examine 5-10 articles on page one. Look for common trends, such as subtopics addressed in blog articles and average word limit.

Trust SEO Power Words

Trust Words

Trust Words

Trust Words

Community SEO Power Words

Community Keywords

Curiosity SEO Power Words

Curiosity Keywords

Google and Power Words: A Long-term Relationship

It has long been argued that your website’s click-through rate influences its rating. Simply said, if more people click your website’s links in search results than other links, Google boosts your website in the SERPs and gives it higher rankings.

And how do you improve your headline writing skills? Make use of power words!

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Your traffic will increase as you produce more vital headlines and acquire a higher click-through rate. Google will eventually increase your rankings, increasing your traffic even more. Even after you improve your rankings, your website will continue to have a higher click-through rate due to better headlines.

It’s a never-ending circle. And it nicely falls into the 80-20 rule, which most marketers swear by.

Final words

When you use power words in the headline and other parts of the content, you can gain many benefits, like a higher click-through rate on the search engine result page. Therefore, you can create a title with power words to generate more clicks on social media. Also, you can implement the above-given tips to enhance web traffic or contact our experts to do it for you.


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