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14 / May / 2016 by Vritika Shrivastava 2 comments

Well, we all loved it when Nawazuddin Siddiqui posted a YouTube video to share story of mute young Munni who returned home to her parents at Pakistan because of spirited man and how the buzz around about that video made it possible for Bajrangi Bhaijaan to reach masses as a real-life hero. This plot was quite an emotional one and it indeed had social impact on audience in film Bajrangi Bhaijaan.



Giving this plot as an example is to observe that in real life too, YouTube being world’s largest video platform has helped in social awareness amongst wide audiences and it’s a fact that YouTube has led to social impact on society, culture, world events of so many countries.

Let’s have a look on the same:

  1. Inspiring and Motivational YouTube Channels

It is true, we all seem to follow and get inspired by renowned personalities and celebrities. But what inspires humans the most is that one strong emotion that makes us move forward. YouTube gives everyone a way to express and tell their story by uploading a video.


Some Inspiring YouTube channels List that you will like to refer to when you’re low or when you need it the most:

maxresdefault (1)


2. Kicking Off Social Evils and Culture Differences with YouTube Videos



Yes, we all get into that zone where we wish to protest, raise our voice again social evils like corruption, politics, rapes, sexual harassment, dowry system, cast system, unemployment and many such issues!

One way could be by watching inspiring stories videos, vox-pops videos of metro cities social experiments, dark comedy or political satire videos on social/cultural divide and recommending it to your friends, family and dear ones by tweeting, posting it on facebook, sharing it on Linkedin, or doing a blog on the same!


Watch few of my favorite list of social impact videos, if it boils you to read so much about the same on media. Maybe this is the best way to know mindsets of people across world, across generations and you can always do a lot more than watching a video!













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  1. Vincent

    I agree with all the points. I’d like to add something to this. Many NGOs use YouTube to launch campaigns and sign petitions from visitors. These campaigns are non profitable and often survey kind. One such example would be the election of Barack Obama in early 2012. The campaign would start in an advertisement format asking viewers to choose a reason for voting. This is a two way beneficial experiment where you promote your questions, get people to know about the personality (Barack Obama) and get their opinions too. This too has a very good social impact on YT viewers.

    1. Vritika Shrivastava

      Awesome comment. Yes agreed signing petitions and such campaigns are too result of social impact on YouTube 🙂


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