Is SnapChat an important social tool for video amplification?

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What is SnapChat?

SnapChat, the smartphone app that let users send photos and videos with personalized text that disappear shortly after being viewed. The sender decides the length from one to ten seconds. SnapChat is one of social media’s rising stars. SnapChat was developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, all from Stanford University students.


Here’s how SnapChat ranked in comparison to other Social apps (Year: 2014):


Understanding Term “Video Amplification”:


One of the biggest marketing buzzwords this year will without a doubt be: Amplification.
Video Amplification happens when creators, users or promoters share video content, either by organic or paid engagement, within social marketing channels thereby increasing word-of-mouth exposure. Thus, Amplification works by getting video content amplified through employees, customers, industry partners, fans and influencers.

Where Does SnapChat Fit in the Realm of online Video?

One of the things folks love about SnapChat is its friendly and close nature. SnapChat users can post content they only want a specific person or group of people to see. In comparison to Instagram, which inspires rather skilled style of photography, SnapChat is far less formal.
For digital media brands, what’s essential here is to find the apt tone that people can relate to. Digital brands also should ensure they can get their video content shared exponentially in a well-timed manner that would increase chances of making a video trending. Vertical Video marketing is here to stay thanks to apps like SnapChat.

Understanding Vertical and Horizontal Videos:


Handy Features that SnapChat recently introduced:


Video Promotion Examples on SnapChat:

• SnapChat turned to the Hollywood — for its first video advertisement. App posted a 19-second trailer for the horror movie “Ouija”, with a “Sponsored” label in “Recent Updates” section. It was available for viewing on SnapChat for 24 hours, before disappearing. This was a smart move for SnapChat that’s popular among young Millennials.
• In February 2015, Popstar Madonna premiered the music video for her new song “Living for Love” passing through SnapChat Discover.
• Vice Media published a video report filmed inside a Chinese bitcoin mine via SnapChat Discover before releasing it on other video platforms like YouTube.

What SnapChat explicitly brings to the Digital Video Promotion table?
• SnapChat inspires digital marketers and media companies to shoot video ads vertically, a clear departure from the usual practice of using wide-angle landscape shots.
• One of SnapChat’s main features is its network of media channels under its Discover brand where digital media companies post daily muster of their top video content. The channels host original shows and other digital video snippets mixed with ads.
• Best-performing videos promotions are those that are shot vertically; they are viewed nine times more frequently than horizontal ones. That’s because users are viewing with their phones in the upright position.
• SnapChat is one of the most popular social apps among online millennials, effective way for digital video promoters to reach niche and target audience.
• Now brands and digital video creators get a chance to engage and build relationships directly with SnapChat users.
Way things are progressing in the ever-evolving digital video realm, SnapChat is becoming the go-to social media platform for traditional video creators looking to embrace digital era.

Overview of Online Video Content Supply Chain


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