YouTube Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know!

18 / Feb / 2016 by Vincent Arogya 6 comments

Here are some YouTube secrets that you probably did not know of.

1) Want to experience, what is like to be drunk? Not really! Well, when typed “Use The Force Luke” in YouTube search box, YouTube will shift the content of your screen left to right or top to bottom. Give it a try.

2) The infamous Harlem Shake wasn’t left by YouTube to stray somewhere in across the internet and the developers have made a funny little thing for their platform. Type in “Do The Harlem Shake” in YouTube search box and witness something cool!

3) We all loved colorful books in our childhood, colorful lines and text. Well, YouTube has done something similar with its page too. Type in “Doge Meme” in YouTube search box and see the text turn all colorful

4) Ever wondered, what is that cool song playing in the background of this YouTube Video but cannot find a possible way to figure it out? Well, stop right here. Here is a website ( that tells you what songs are playing in a YouTube video and will also tell you the exact timing from where the particular song/music starts. All you got to do is, copy the YouTube video URL and paste it in’s search box and you are all set to go! Cheers!

5)Ever used Netflix? Indeed you did. YouTube too has a customized platform for viewers to watch YouTube videos and experience YouTube like never before. Clean User Interface and haptic sound feedback for every click. You also have minimal mouse usage and can control YouTube solely with you Keyboard.
Just type “leanback” at the end of main YouTube URL. For example, here is the basic URL and all you got to do is type “leanback” at the end of it. Once done, the URL should look like this . Try this and experience YouTube, the Netlix way. So, now you can YouTube and Chill! :P
6) This one goes for all the curious minded out there. Wanna know what YouTube is planning ahead to implement in their video platform? This one is similar to the “leanback” thing. Yeah, the one above this secret. To know what YouTube is planning in the future, all you got to do is, type in “testtube” at the end of YouTube URL. For example, the basic YouTube URL is and now you add “testtube” at the end and make the URL look like this . Get, set and find out the things that YouTube is planning ahead for better user experience!

7) Did you know that you can directly download a YouTube video just by adding two letters in the YouTube video URL? Fret not! I’ll tell you those two letters, they are “ss”. Suppose you need to download this video from YouTube. All you need to do is type in “ss” just before the word “youtube” in the video URL. Once done, the URL should look something like this, press enter and see the magic happen.
8) Similarly, you can also convert any YouTube video into a GIF image online! This is one is similar to the “ss” trick but this time you need to type, “gif” just before “youtube” in the video URL. For example, you’ve got a URL say and now you type in “gif” just before youtube, , hit enter and crop out the portion of the video and export it in a gif format! Cheers!

9) Last But not the least, Did you know that you can also create a YouTube floating window in order to watch YouTube videos in a re-sizable floating window, leaving all the crap aside, which you can place anywhere on your screen and browse while watching your favorite videos. To get a YouTube floating window, which is nothing but a Google Chrome extension that can be downloaded for free from google chrome extension store. Just search for Floating for YouTube and install the browser app. Once done, launch the app, a small box would appear on the corner of your screen, requesting you to paste YouTube video URL. Once the URL is pasted, the video should start playing in the floating window.


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