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Introduction To Atomic Design in CSS

Atomic Design is a powerful methodology for optimizing large-scale web projects with multiple contributors, providing a common foundation for the theme folder. With the rapid pace of technological innovation and the increasing demand for high-quality web pages, staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and tools is essential. Atomic CSS is one such technique that makes […]

May 9, 2023

Drupal, Front End Development, Software development

A Complete Guide to CSS Grid Layout

CSS Grid is a two-dimensional layout that you can use to create responsive web items. The Grid items are arranged in columns, and you can easily position rows without messing with the HTML code. Benefits of CSS Grid: CSS Grid is very flexible and responsive. It makes it easy to create two-dimensional layouts. CSS Grid […]

May 3, 2023

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How Workato can help you to integrate Salesforce with Jira

Workato is a powerful integration platform that enables businesses to connect their various applications and automate workflows. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of connectors, it offers a variety of use cases for organizations of all sizes and industries. One potential use case for Workato using Salesforce and Jira is to create a workflow […]

April 30, 2023

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How to choose the best test automation tool?

The debate about whether manual testing has fallen behind automation testing in popularity and demand is common among young QA engineers. However, instead of delving deeper into this topic, it is important to focus on the significance of test automation in today’s era. Undeniably, “Quality at Speed” has become the new mantra for companies and […]

April 30, 2023

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Floating Action Button with Menu Explanation

Intro We’ll be rebuilding the starbucks app pay button. Not only does this have a floating button, it has 2 other floating buttons, and a circular background cover that shoots out to allow you to focus on the options. These other 2 floating buttons will appear when user will press the floating pay button with […]

March 28, 2023

Software development, Technology

What is Design System and how it works?

A design system is a collection of rules, guidelines, and assets that ensure consistency and coherence in the design of a product. It is a way to maintain a coherent and consistent user experience across a range of platforms and devices. A well-designed system can make it easier for designers, developers, and other stakeholders to […]

March 26, 2023

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Frontend Architect: Role and Responsibilities

What is a Front-end Architect? A front-end architect is a technical specialist that focuses on designing and creating a website’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). They are in charge of building a website’s structure, layout, and functionality so that it satisfies both business requirements and user expectations. They collaborate closely with project managers, […]

March 26, 2023

Front End Development, Software development, Technology

What is a Full Stack Developer | Roles & Responsibilities

What is a Full Stack Developer? A fullstack developer is a software developer proficient in both the front-end and back-end technologies required to create web applications. The phrase “full stack” describes the entire spectrum of technologies used in creating a web application, including client-side scripting, server-side logic, and database administration. A fullstack developer’s major responsibility […]

March 19, 2023

React.js, Software development

Creating a simple dynamic form using data from strapi-cms

In my previous blog, I showed how we could create a collection in strapi that could further be used as input data to a dynamic form component to render a form as per users requirements. Create a React Project  Create a project using create react app. Refer https://reactjs.org/docs/create-a-new-react-app.html in case of any issues. Install axios […]

February 9, 2023