Migrated the OS from RHEL7 to RHEL8 without creating new servers

Introduction Exploring the challenge of upgrading servers from RHEL7 to RHEL 8 while avoiding the need for a fresh installation, we delve into the intricacies and solutions for customers seeking seamless transitions. Solution We have installed the LEAPP utility servers and migrated the OS from RHEL7 to RHEL8 with the help of LEAPP Steps followed […]

April 22, 2024

Application Security, Cloud, DevOps

Trivy: A Comprehensive Security Scanner

  Introduction CIS is a renowned nonprofit organization that offers recommendations for security best practices; offerings include a bunch of guidelines for configuring & securely K8s clusters. Trivy is a comprehensive container security auditing tool that brings the power of CIS (Center for Internet Security) compliance auditing to K8s clusters. Reason to Adopt Trivy? Trivy is […]

April 1, 2024

Agile, Android, Automation Testing

Elevating Testing Efficiency with Kubernetes: A Tester’s Guide

In the era of agile methodologies and DevOps practices, the traditional boundaries between roles are blurring, necessitating a collaborative approach across cross-functional teams. For testers, this entails gaining proficiency in tools beyond their traditional domain, including Kubernetes—a pivotal platform for container management. Let’s explore how test engineers can harness Kubernetes to expedite application quality assessment […]

March 28, 2024

Cloud, DevOps

Bicep Language For Deploying Azure Resources

Introduction  Bicep is a domain-specific language (DSL) that deploys Azure resources with declarative syntax. With a flexible syntax designed especially for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates, the Bicep language offers a useful way to manage Azure infrastructure installations.Bicep provides an attractive solution for environments where enterprises want to apply Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles. It […]

March 27, 2024

AWS, Cloud, DevOps

Adding approval workflow to your GitHub Action

Introduction GitHub Actions has become an integral part of modern software development, streamlining continuous integration and delivery processes. However, users have longed for a straightforward approval flow, similar to Azure Pipelines. It offers a simplified way to incorporate approval steps into CI/CD pipelines. This update opens doors for users to enhance workflow control. Objective The […]

March 21, 2024

Application Security, Cloud, DevOps

AWS WAF – Web Application Firewall

Introduction AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps protect your web applications or APIs against common web exploits by monitoring and filtering the HTTP and HTTPS requests that reach your application. It allows you to create rules to block, allow, or monitor (count) web requests based on conditions that you define. AWS WAF […]

March 16, 2024

Anaytics, B2C, Cloud

Salesforce Boom In Every Sector/Services Industry

Today, we’re talking about Salesforce (a cloud-based CRM software), a relatively well-versed tool in the market that has attracted attention not only to any one specific industry but also making its huge impact on real estate, banking, legal, eCommerce, education, and charity organizations. Combines everything that businesses need from marketing, sales, commerce, and services an all-in-one […]

March 12, 2024

Adobe, Cloud

Setup Adobe Commerce on Cloud

Adobe Commerce is an enterprise-level eCommerce platform that is flexible and scalable. It lets businesses create personalized B2B and B2C online stores. But before businesses can set up their online store on Adobe Commerce, it has to be set up first!  In this two-part blog series, we’ll delve into the setup of Adobe Commerce on […]

March 11, 2024

Cloud, Cloud Managed Services

Artificial Intelligence and Gen AI

Artificial Intelligence AI is quite popular and in demand nowadays in the market. Techies and organizations are focusing more on the applications and benefits of AI. Artificial Intelligence is on everyone’s mind, and multiple industries, including B2B marketing, are lining up to see how to take advantage of the wonders of AI. The first question […]

March 7, 2024