Our product development approach strongly follows Agile principles and evolves basis the feedback from multiple stakeholders. We follow a mix of Scrum, XP and Kanban methodologies which enable us with the best of both iterative and incremental approaches. Each iteration cycle varies from 1 to 3 weeks with fixed milestones.

Our Product Development Approach answers the following questions:
  • How to develop progressively evolving systems/products?
  • How to ensure true collaboration in geographically distributed agile delivery teams?
  • How to reduce project overheads through engineering?
  • How to bring predictability in cost and time estimates for agile product development?
Our Product Development Approach

Our delivery approach covers Discovery, Initiation and Implementation. Here’s the diagrammatic representation of our approach:

Our Product Engineering Best Practices

We follow engineering best practices enabling faster time to market and high performing products.

  • test-driven-development
    Test-Driven Development
  • test-automation
    Test Automation
  • Microservice-architecture-design
    Microservice Architecture
  • cloud-native-architecture
    Cloud Native Architecture
  • cicd
  • continuous-refactoring
    Continuous Refactoring
How we make communication a big success at TO THE NEW?

We religiously follow the below mentioned Agile practices for seamless communication and transparency:

  • iterative-development
    Iterative Development
  • daily-stand-ups
    Daily Stand-Ups
  • scrum-of-scrum
    Scrum of Scrum
  • timezone-overlap
    Timezone Overlap
  • sprint-demo
    Sprint Demo
  • regular-co-locations
    Regular Co-locations
  • joint-retrospectives
    Joint Retrospectives
  • continuous-integration
    Continuous Integration
Our enabler toolkit that enables Agile implementation