We help companies with cloud consulting, migration and AWS Cloud infra management. Our AWS certified architects and DevOps experts automate redundant tasks on AWS Cloud using leading tools such as Chef, Puppet, Docker & Jenkins. Our cloud experts identify the challenges of your cloud-based application infrastructure and improve processes to make it more secure and scalable.
Our Services
  • AWS Consulting & Audit

    We steer your cloud deployment strategy for getting the most out of AWS. Our cloud experts analyze and examine your existing application infrastructure as well as current automation setup if any, perform a gap analysis and suggest a roadmap with remediation. We also understand your existing monitoring systems on AWS and list down the tools that can help you avail operational benefits of DevOps

  • AWS Migration Service

    We accelerate your migration on AWS with our AWS migration services. We seamlessly migrate your entire workload to AWS including databases & applications from any existing cloud platform or in-premise or co-lo data center. Our DevOps AWS migration ensures maximum uptime and optimized performance. Our other migration capabilities include capacity expansion, disaster recovery failover alternatives, and governance to name a few

  • DevOps on AWS Cloud

    We automate end-to-end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms with specific expertise in DevOps AWS. We have built and deployed complex cloud architectures on Amazon web services and have an in-depth technical expertise in provisioning distributed application systems using DevOps tools on the AWS platform

Our AWS Partnership
We have 10+ years of experience on AWS Cloud, with 80+ AWS certified Architects and 300+ AWS accredited Engineers. TO THE NEW is an “AWS Premier Consulting Partner”, which is the highest tier of AWS partnership with certified competencies.

Do you also have these queries?

  • Q1.Which AWS services have you worked upon?

    A1.Our team of solutions architects and engineers has an extensive experience in most of the AWS DevOps services including Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, Auto-scaling, Amazon RDS, Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Email Service, Amaon OpsWorks, Amazon EMR, ElasticCache, WorkSpaces, Amazon Glacier, Directory Services, CloudTrail, Amazon CodeDeploy, Amazon S3, ELB, Elastic Bean Stalk and Amazon CloudSearch to name a few. Being an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, we work closely with them to train our team members on AWS DevOps updates related to newly launched services at regular intervals.

  • Q2.What is included in SysOps?

    A2.SysOps is a part of our AWS managed services. In SysOps, we do the following:

    • Deploying latest code on servers
    • Run automated test scripts
    • Manage application configurations using Chef/Puppet
    • Add new apache sites
    • Set-up new databases
    • Create new Linux users
    • Launch new servers
    • Add DNS records
    • Fix issues if caching not working or back-ups not working
  • Q3.How do you ensure cost optimization, security management and performance optimization of our AWS infrastructure?

    A3.We ensure complete AWS DevOps infrastructure optimization including cost, security and performance optimization. Under cost optimization, we provide monthly recommendations like assessing if there is a need for upgrading/downgrading servers based on resource utilization, reserving few instances, using auto-scaling etc. Under security management, we ensure that security guidelines are being followed during setup of all servers. We have extremely stringent processes around data security for internal team members. Under performance optimization, we provide monthly recommendation reports on slow pages, slow database queries etc. Recommendations include steps on how to optimize performance such as using caching solutions like Varnish, Memcache, Redis etc. or leveraging CloudFront, etc. Under AMI maintenance, we ensure that AMIs for all the servers are updated on a continuous basis.

  • Q4.What kinds of AWS automation can you do for us?

    A4.Our AWS DevOps engineers do not work on redundant tasks. Whether it needs integrating industry standard DevOps tools or customized scripting for AWS automation, they ensure not to repeat themselves. Redundant tasks could be anything from setting up new servers, creating replica environments, ensuring backups, configuration management, code deployments, continuous integration, load testing etc. Our AWS DevOps team will help you identify and integrate right tools and processes to automate all kinds of tasks and make your AWS automation work wonders for you.

  • Q5.What kind of SLAs do you provide?

    A5.We offer SLAs for system outages and technical issues. In regards to system outages, any issue that impacts the core functionality of the website is addressed by our team. Also, any severe and highly frequent issue (impacting more than 20% users) is considered as system outage. Few examples could be: disk is full, 100% CPU/Memory utilization, website unavailable, not able to SSH on the server, emails not working, etc. With regards to technical issues, most of them come under SysOps, for example, pages not getting cached, backups not working etc.

  • Q6.What kind of reports do you send?

    A6.We provide various reports impacting DevOps in AWS. Below are some of the reports we provide:

    • Server Availability Report
    • CPU Utilization Report
    • Reports on Standard CloudWatch Metrics Monitoring
    • Reports on Custom CloudWatch Metrics Monitoring
    • Monthly Analytics Reports on Application