Our digital marketing experts create powerful short term &  long term influencer engagement plans to identify and activate key influencers such as bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers for your brand. We integrate influencer marketing in digital strategies for increased credibility and engagement with your target audience, while working on expanding your brand’s reach.

our process
Influencer Identification and Recruitment

We partner with strong online influencers, analyze their impact and collaborate with them to amplify your brand’s messaging across online channels with maximized reach

Content Development with Industry Influencers

We co-create impactful content with your industry’s top influencers. We partner with relevant influencers to increase brand awareness and establish you as a thought leader in the industry

Influencer Content Amplification

We partner with industry influencers to not only co-create content but also to amplify the messaging through their channels and network. We get the influencers to aggressively promote the content for your brand

Social Content Amplification

We partner with social media influencers to amplify the brand content through their channels and network. We know how to trend your brand on Twitter

Blogger Outreach Campaigns

We connect with relevant bloggers with a good digital clout to amplify the brand via topical blogs

Our Influencer Marketing Activities
  • Meet Icon


    We organize events that drive coverage, build excitement & convey your message with advocates & influencers

  • Affiliate


    We focus on driving sales through affiliate links & videos in blogs

  • Contest Icon


    We organize blogging competitions to get traction & drive advocacy

  • experiential-icon


    We send out goodies to bloggers & get word-of-mouth marketing going through social media channels & influencer blogs

Market your brand through key influencers!

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