Grails, one of the most powerful rapid application development (RAD) frameworks brings agility and robustness with shorter lead time for application development. This helps to rush MVP quickly out in the market and lessen market risk.

TO THE NEW (erstwhile IntelliGrape) is a global leader in Grails development and has helped Fortune 500 companies, as well as Silicon Valley start-ups, build mission-critical applications on Grails. Using Grails development capabilities, we have developed SaaS products, video portals, live-streaming applications, analytics engines, e-commerce sites & marketplaces. Our Grails center of excellence has acquired expertise on the latest Grails versions including Grails 3.1.

Highlights of our expertise on Grails

  • ­Biggest Grails development team in the world
  • 8+ years of experience in Grails
  • Developed 100+ applications on Grails
  • Speakers at GR8Conf US & GR8 EU
  • Organizer of GR8Conf India
  • Contributed 25+ plugins to Grails
  • Contributor to Grails framework
  • Expertise in upgrading applications on Grails 3.1
  • More than 700 blogs on Grails
Our Offerings
We provide Grails consulting and development services to build highly robust, scalable and secure applications.
  • Grails Development

    We help you to develop awesome reactive web applications that seamlessly integrate and inter­operate with Java and other libraries.

  • Grails Migration

    We help you modernize legacy products and migrate applications built on PHP, Rails and Java/J2EE to Grails framework & strategic platform. 

  • Grails Outsourcing

    We have extensive experience as one of the most preferred Grails outsourcing destinations delivering value to global clients across varied industries.

  • Grails Upgrade and Support

    We provide Grails upgrade service, particularly on Grails 3.0 or 3.1, that keeps your application updated with the latest version thereby enhancing productivity and performance.


Do you also have these queries?

  • What are the benefits of using Grails?

    Convention ­over ­Configuration along with easy to use Groovy language makes Grails a preferred framework among developers. Grails integrates well with Java and JVM and offers build plugins that extend and enhance Grails. Our team is also actively contributing to the vibrant plugin community and can help clients looking for Grails upgrade with various plugins easily. Grails offers a powerful view technology, Spring powered dependency injection and so many more features. 

  • How many applications have you built using Grails and how do you manage the projects?

    We have developed more than 100 business critical applications using Grails. We are big proponents of Agile methodologies and use a combination of Scrum, XP and Kanban principles in almost every Grails development project that we undertake. A big percentage of our clients are based out of USA, Europe, and Australia. We use JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Assembla, Basecamp, and Trello for project management and bug tracking. We ensure to keep our processes transparent with our clients by having two-way communication, daily updates, iterative development and tracking of issues & bugs.

  • What is your domain expertise in Grails Development?

    We are Grails experts. We have been building highly complex applications meant for millions of users using Grails and related ecosystem for more than 8 years now. Grails became our framework of choice when version 0.4 got released in March 2008. Since then, we have grown, evolved and developed expertise on all the versions of Grails including Grails 3.0 and 3.1. As Grails has rolled out newer versions that are built on Spring Boot and Gradle, we have an added advantage of knowing Spring and Java in-depth.

  • We have not done Grails outsourcing before and are hesitant about it?

    Grails outsourcing is challenging, but we have successfully accomplished Grails outsourcing projects of many overseas clients including F500 brands and fast paced start­ups. In­fact, most of our Grails implementations have been for clients based out of the USA and Europe. Our expertise lies in the implementation of Agile practices in an offshore environment, which includes close collaboration, total transparency, iterative development, continuous integration and daily updates. We do provide a trial of 15 days for companies who are hesitant to explore the Grails outsourcing model to taste our high quality of work. Moreover, your data security has always been our top priority and we adhere to strictest non-­disclosure terms.

  • What are your engagement and pricing models?

    We have expertise working with both distributed as well as fully outsourced development models. We use Agile practices and approaches in an iterative and incremental manner. We prefer to work on time & materials but also do fixed price models if the requirements and scoping are clearly laid out. In most of the Grails development, migration or outsourcing cases, we deploy a dedicated team which only works on a single project.

  • How much time does it take to understand the code for Grails upgrade and what about test cases?

    With our in-depth Grails consulting experience and understanding of upgrade projects, we usually take between a day to a week for understanding the application code depending on complexities. We can give you an exact estimation after evaluating your code. As a standard industry practice, we also upgrade test cases simultaneously while upgrading your Grails application to the latest version. This makes us the preferred Grails development partner.

  • How much time does it take for Grails migration?

    Grails migration is extremely challenging. Most of the Grails migration projects require long years of expertise across various versions, plugins and much more. Our Grails migration experts analyze your existing application to understand the complexities and the time required for migration. Based on this analysis, our Grails migration team suggests a migration roadmap and architecture and then comes up with an estimation in terms of time, effort and man­hours required for this exercise.

  • Will Grails migration process have any kind of impact on my end ­users?

    Our Grails development experts ensure that the migration process is done smoothly and seamlessly with no impact on the end user. However, customers will see the improved application performance after the migration project is accomplished and it goes live. We discuss all the pre-requisites of migration during Grails consulting and ensure we surpass the expectations.