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Automate & measure marketing tasks to increase efficiency & grow revenues. We automate your marketing processes to ensure seamless lead generation, management & nurturing. We build the entire marketing automation ecosystem to help you reach your target audience across various channels and segments.

We are an end-to-end Marketing Automation Partner with a comprehensive suite of capabilities including front-end & back-end development, platform set-up & implementation, CRM integration, performance-led marketing initiatives and various aspects of Inbound Marketing.

Our Marketing Automation Services
As your Marketing Automation Partner we work with performance-led marketing expertise in the various facets of Digital Inbound Marketing
  • Set-Up and Integrations

    Set-Up and Integrations

    We help set-up your platform with defined roles and permissions, along with CRM, webinar platform, landing page, and other integrations to define and track the buyer’s journey

  • Database Audit and Enrichment

    Database Audit and Enrichment

    We help in de-duplication, standardization and normalization of data from the CRM or external data sources. Our data ingestion and enrichment processes help make your marketing teams be more effective in their outreach strategy

  • Design and Development

    Design and Development

    We help in your marketing outreach by creating responsive landing pages and email templates. We also help enable cross-channel campaigns by implementing social sign-ups, LinkedIn lead gen forms and matched audiences

  • Lead Lifecycle Management

    Lead Lifecycle Management

    The buyer demands a different treatment and a customised lead nurturing program for every unique lead. We help in setting up and optimization of lead scoring, source mapping, progressive profiling, and A/B and multivariate testing services, along with GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliance implementation

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Reporting and Analytics

    We manage the reporting for your marketing dashboards to give you campaign and program-specific reports to help you gain insights and make data-backed business decisions. We perform data visualization and analysis and manage the data flow from marketing funnel to sales funnel for your business

  • Advanced Automation

    Advanced Automation

    We work with customers to enable their account-based marketing, web personalization, and multi-channel marketing campaigns over social media, paid media, websites, blogs, etc. We also help in analyzing and optimizing Marketing ROI

Content is the Bedrock of Marketing Automation

Persistent & targeted efforts in Content Marketing leads to increase in reach, engagement rates, higher website traffic & establishment as a thought leader.

We create, repurpose, distribute & promote content that works!
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Reach your audience across various channels and target segments!

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We use industry best tools to translate your brand's marketing goals into an automated communication framework.
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