bespoke software development company overview

Off the shelf software that isn't tailored to specific business requirements might help you to cut development time. However at times there is gap between business demands and readily available software solutions. Companies wanting to incorporate specific business use cases prefer to involve a bespoke software development company who could help to customize the software according to their needs and help them to integrate it with legacy systems if needed.

Some of the other reasons why companies prefer developing a bespoke software include:
custom bespoke solutions

Customized user interface design

Future-ready bespoke software application

Future-ready and fault tolerant software incorporating evolving business needs

Easy to scale bespoke development

Easy to scale without the need of additional licensing fees

Increased operational efficiency by bespoke system

Increased operational efficiency and enhanced productivity

bespoke E-design program

Experience Design

Create delightful experiences that impact customer satisfaction, brand perception and conversion rates.

Custom bespoke application software Development

Custom Development

Built 200+ business critical and consumer facing products with a design led engineering approach & counting...

bespoke Web Content Management

Web Content Management

Personalized, contextual, and consistent digital experience across channels

bespoke mobile solutions


Intuitive and experiential mobile solutions to drive engagement and provide compelling user experience

advantages of bespoke software in Devops


Automate end to end delivery pipeline across leading cloud platforms

bespoke Testing solutions


Automation and manual testing for error-free delivery of applications

Bigdata bespoke development

Big Data

Meaningful and actionable insights from data and analytics

bespoke software Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

24/7 complete infrastructure managed services

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Our Technology Stack

We work on various technologies and have in-depth expertise on leading DevOps tools, JS frameworks and other cutting edge technologies.

bespoke software Experience design
Experience Design

Design Discovery | Persona Mapping | Prototyping | Usability Testing | UI Design

Bespoke Frontend and Backend Development
Frontend, Backend and Databases

Angular | Express | Bootstrap | HTML | CSS | Polymer | React | Node.js | Express.js | Grails | Spring | Hibernate | MongoDB | MySql

Bespoke Mobile App Development
Mobile and Smart Tv

iOS | Android | Roku TV | Apple TV | Android TV

Bespoke Content Management
Content Management

Drupal | AEM | Wordpress

Bigdata bespoke software support
Big Data

Hadoop | Cassandra | Spark

Bespoke Cloud Consulting
Cloud Consulting and DevOps

AWS | Microsoft Azure | Docker | Chef | Jenkins | Puppet

Bespoke Test Automation
Test Automation

Selenium | Appium | SeeTest | Cucumber

Bespoke Cloud Managed Services
Cloud Managed Services

24*7 managed services and support

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Our Practices

Being an Agile bespoke software development company, we have lean mindset and follow engineering best practices to ensure quick turnaround and bug-free delivery of products.

Agile Practices
  • Daily Standups among project teams
  • Two way communication with clients using latest audio/video conferencing systems
  • Overlap of at least 2 hours with client’s timezone
  • Joint retrospective with the stakeholders
  • Regular co-location
  • Sprint Planning
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Mid-Sprint and End-Sprint Demos
  • Regular progress tracking through project management tools
Engineering Practices
  • Iterative development
  • Pipeline automation leveraging leading DevOps tools
  • Continuous code refactoring
  • Test automation
  • Lean code and design
  • Microservices led architecture
  • Continuous integration and deployment

Do you also have these queries?

  •   Why should I consider bespoke software development?  

    If your business is experiencing redundancy in work steps or data entry, too much manual interference and tedious manual calculations, it acts as an indication of a mismatch between your business needs and your system. Off-the-shelf solutions might help you MVP faster, but often gaps remain when it comes to specific feature sets for your business needs. Our experienced team of software professionals can advise you on the best possible solution. Bespoke software services addresses your exact needs (feature sets that is not possible in off-the-shelf solutions), cuts down manual interferences, reduces overall cost while increasing productivity by automating processes.

  • How do you understand and analyze business of your client to propose a bespoke solution? 

    We ensure that we take a deep dive in understanding customer’s business model and bespoke software requirements. The initial project phase is the discovery phase. We conduct research and workshops to understand business objectives, define the high-level technical architecture, discuss possible solution approaches with the client, and take exhaustive notes which form the basis for discussion in our next discovery iteration. In the Initiation phase we define ways of working, sprint duration, define dependencies. At all sta, es we maintain transparent two-way communication and follow an iterative test-driven approach.

  • Is there any flexibility in choosing the technology stack in bespoke web development?

    Absolutely. Basis your need analysis, our experts may suggest you a technology stack that best fits your needs. A number of factors are considered before we suggest a technology stack for bespoke software development (such as the required feature set of application, existing infrastructure, scalability requirements etc). However, we are open to our client’s suggestion on the technology stack for developing bespoke software solutions. If our customer wants to build a product using AngularJS as a frontend, Node.js as backend and MongoDB as a database, for example, we can help achieve this.

  • Do you provide maintenance services of bespoke web applications?

    TO THE NEW provides end-to-end bespoke software development services, from design to development to maintenance. We provide specialized maintenance services (corrective to preventive maintenance), support for technical, functional, ad hoc and ongoing enhancements to ensure that your application is updated at all times and is bug-free. Our maintenance software tools and resources are up-to-date to ensure timely deployment of projects and updates, optimize processes, support transition and bring down the overall maintenance cost. Our maintenance services are well-timed, pinpoints and eliminates redundancies, easily responds to change request, streamlines operations and ensures minimum downtime.