Right from choosing the best Java architecture to building custom applications and Java microservices with our tested methodology, we develop dynamic, feature-rich & business-critical applications using J2EE. Our Java outsourcing lab comprises of experts that have an in-depth experience of object oriented programming and developing large scale, distributed, component-based, multi-tier applications and microservices using Spring, Hibernate, and Grails.

The team is also well-equipped with service-oriented architecture (SOA) design and configuration, interface skinning, microservices architecture design and model-driven engineering

No matter whether you build e-commerce websites, enterprise web applications or a responsive payment portal, Java is the go to technology that provides flexibility, scalability, and reliability

Our Java outsourcing lab specializes in all of the following:
  • Struts, Spring EJB, JSF, GWT & Grails frameworks
  • JBehave, JUnit, and Selenium test frameworks
  • Java Servlet Programming such as Swing & Webstart, Spring & JDBC
  • Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Portals, JA-SIG and similar server technologies
  • Libraries such as Hibernate
  • Design patterns including MVC and Struts
  • Java API Expertise and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • JSP, XMLC, AJAX, XML, XSLT, Jasper, Jquery, Microservices & other web technologies
Our Offerings
From architecture assessment and design to final product delivery and maintenance, we help you across the product lifecycle using Java and J2EE based technologies.
  • Java Application Audit

    Our auditing team defines specific questions for auditing your Java infrastructure. Our auditing ensures complete architecture and code analysis along with reviewing development practices, deployment process, and the overall build quality. Our auditing & Java consulting services help to improve products, reduce time to market and monetize concepts quickly

  • Java Design and Architecture

    We have deep expertise in designing Java-based applications using MVC (Model-View-Controller), DAO (Data Access Objects), Session Façade and other design patterns. Our Java architects ensure that the architecture offers multi-level security at the very outset of design. Our Java outsourcing services also ensure loose coupling and high cohesion when building products with high load distribution

  • Java Enterprise Application Development

    Our Java outsourcing lab comprises of a team that understands various Java libraries, microservices, frameworks, IDEs and APIs required to build high performing Java enterprise applications. We offer multiple and critical enterprise-class Java applications for companies wanting to build large-scale, distributed and multi-leveled network applications with immense security

  • Java Migration and maintainance

    We help to migrate & modernize legacy technology framework to a more adaptive, versatile, and resourceful Java-centric platform for better management, interoperation and efficiency. We provide ongoing maintenance including timely updates and patches. We also provide support for integration of third party solutions, application enhancements, and proactive correction in applications

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Do you also have these queries?

  • What kind of products have you built using Java?

    We have long years of Java consulting services and Java microservices development experience. We have built various products using Java, Spring, and Hibernate. Some of them are listed below:

    • Business critical portals
    • Secure enterprise applications
    • E-Commerce websites
    • Learning management systems 
    • ERP, CRM, HRM
    • Booking engines
    • Point of Sale systems
    • Job, Travel and Tourism Web Portals
  • Do you have the know-how of OOPS principles as they are essential for Java product development?

    Object-Oriented Programming uses objects and classes to design a product. We completely understand OOPS programming and various concepts it provides such as an Object, Class, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation. With OOPS, maintenance of large code base is easy and you can simulate real-world events much more effectively. While Encapsulation ensures data safety and abstraction allows reusing code and stimulating real world objects, inheritance helps in defining the parent-child relationship of class. We use all these concepts while we develop Java products and microservices. 

  • What kind of applications are built using J2EE enterprise platform?

    Core Java is the standard Java edition where as Java J2EE is the enterprise edition of Java. J2EE is a platform-independent, Java-centric environment from Sun for developing, building and deploying Web-based enterprise applications online. The J2EE platform consists of a set of services, APIs, and protocols that provide the functionality for developing multitiered, Web-based applications, and microservices. J2EE is designed for the mainframe-scale computing typical of large enterprises. J2EE simplifies application development with reusable modular components.

  • What is your expertise with different kinds of Spring modules?

    With long years of Java consulting services and Spring microservices development experience, we have mastered various Spring modules such as Core container module, DAO module, and other OR mapping integration modules. We have also worked on AOP module and other MVC framework modules.

  • Why should I consider migrating from legacy system to Java?

    Java comes with multiple advantages such as being Platform independent, Network-centric, secure, reliable and much more. With Java, developing dynamic applications and microservices is much easier as compared to the legacy systems. There are many other reasons demanding the need to modernize your current IT environment and migrate to Java. Firstly, the support for legacy languages and hardware is becoming less available and more expensive. There is already a scarcity of programmers familiar with legacy languages and technology. Migrating to a newer platform can make operations run faster and improve the response time. With our long years of Java consulting services experience, we can ensure that using a newer language can reduce programming and runtime costs and integration with 3rd party software products becomes easy.

  • What are your pricing and engagement models?

    We have expertise working in both distributed as well as fully outsourced development models, using Agile practices and approaches in an iterative and incremental manner. We prefer to work on time & materials but also work on a fixed price model if the requirements and scoping is clearly laid out. In most of the cases, we deploy a dedicated team that works only on a single project at a time.