Companies are investing a lot of efforts in customizing their applications to improve customer experience and make the overall application surfing intuitive and engaging. Since every company is completely different with its own custom needs, custom web application development company should invest considerable amount of time in learning the business model, key activities of business and then propose a custom app development solution tailored to specific needs.

How to set yourself up for success? Web Development Best Practices!

custom web application development company

Most companies initiate a custom web development project being optimistic about the successful completion of the project. However, many times things don't go as planned. Here are some web development best practices for guaranteed success:

  • Conceive the user experience - Custom web applications are designed to deliver a contextual and personalized experience. It is critical to spend time in researching and designing by understanding potential user through usability research.
  • Understand the key business features and prioritize - Customizing a web application according to specific business needs is challenging. It is important to identify the key features and functionalities and then prioritize them.
  • Be nimble by having a lean mindset and following Agile methodologies. Aim to ensure that the release is always shippable. Continuous improvement and incremental updates improve time to market.
  • Customize with a future vision - Make sure the UI and functionalities of the custom web application are future-ready. It becomes very difficult to overhaul and customize the application from scratch in short span of time. Consider the future business goals while developing the custom web application.
  • Partner with a reliable web app dev company - Customizing web application can be daunting and time-consuming. Find a reliable partner that can provide a full spectrum of custom web development services including road mapping, technology selection and third-party vendor analysis for eg payment gateway, colocated server provider and so on. A good partner also has in-depth expertise in Versions Control, Backups, Upgrades, test automation and application maintenance. They would also help to implement web services and other tools which enable automated data exchange and business process integration across diverse ecosystems.

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Our custom web application development experience

We have successfully built 200+ business critical and consumer-facing custom web apps tailored to the requirements of a specific business. Our technology leaders ensure an exhaustive evaluation of the latest digital technologies before proposing a solution to customers.

Built 200+ web applications including :
  • Cloud and SaaS apps
  • PWAs
  • Educational Apps
  • Enterprise Apps
  • E-commerce Apps
  • Travel Portals
  • Expertise of RAD frameworks
  • Off the shelf customization
  • Custom API and Plugins development
  • Rich Interactive UI development
  • Pipeline Automation and Infra Orchestration
  • Application Maintenance
  • Clean and Commended Markup
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Solid Version Control System
  • User friendly Interfaces
  • Performance, load, and stress testing
  • W3C Validated

Services and Technologies


We are a prefered custom web application development company to many Fortune 500 Enterprises and Silicon Valley Startups

custom web application development Experience Design

Experience Design

Designing web products for an engaging experience, enhanced customer satisfaction, improved brand perception and increased conversion rates.

custom web development services

Custom Web Development

Customized web development of more than 200 business critical web and mobile applications with our design-led engineering approach in an outsourced model.

Custom Web development and Content Management

Web Content Management

Complete content management solutions to provide a seamless omni-channel experience.

custom mobile and web application development services


Developing tailored, captivating, and intuitive mobile solutions to provide a delightful user experience.

Devops for custom application development company


Automate delivery pipeline across leading cloud platforms

custom application development testing


Continuous application testing using manual approach and automation tools for bug free delivery

custom web development Bigdata company

Big Data

Meaningful and actionable insights from data and analytics

Cloud Managed Services for custom web application development services

Cloud Managed Services

24/7 cloud infra management and support services


We have mastered 50+ digital technologies, JS frameworks, cloud tools and other cutting edge technologies.

Custom Experience Design
Experience Design

Design Discovery | Persona Mapping | Prototyping | Usability Testing | UI Design

Custom web frontend and backend Development
Frontend, Backend and Databases

Angular | Express | Bootstrap | HTML | CSS | Polymer | React | Node.js | Express.js | Grails | Spring | Hibernate | MongoDB | MySql

Custom Mobile and Smart TV app development
Mobile and Smart Tv

iOS | Android | Roku TV | Apple TV | Android TV

Custom Content Management
Content Management

Drupal | AEM | Wordpress

Custom Big Data Management
Big Data

Hadoop | Cassandra | Spark

Custom Cloud Consulting and Devops
Cloud Consulting and DevOps

AWS | Microsoft Azure | Docker | Chef | Jenkins | Puppet

Custom Web Development and Test Automation
Test Automation

Selenium | Appium | SeeTest | Cucumber

Custom Cloud Managed Services
Cloud Managed Services

24*7 managed services and support

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Our Engineering Practices
Custom Test Driven Web Development

Test Driven Development

custom Lean web code and design

Lean code and design

Custom Microservice Architecture

Microservice Architecture

Devops Services


Test Automation for custom web development

Test Automation

Continuous Refactoring for custom web development

Continuous Refactoring

Our Agile Practices
Daily Standups

Daily Standups

Two way communication with clients

Two way communication with clients

Joint Retrospective

Joint Retrospective

Sprint Planning for custom web development

Sprint Planning

Timezone overlap management

Timezone overlap

Regular colocation and web development

Regular colocation


Do you also have these queries?

  • How do you ensure that the project is delivered on time?

    We keep a track of project timelines regularly. We follow Agile methodology and ensure that there are mid sprint demos, end sprint demos at regular intervals with our clients. We ensure that the feedback is collected and incorporated well in time to avoid further delays in the project. We also adhere to test driven development relying on short development cycle. This helps us to meet client expectations and help to delivery project in time thereby impacting time to market.

  • Can you redesign an already existing web application?

    Yes certainly! We have a design lab that can help to revamp an existing application and redesign it with usability testing reports. We ensure collaborative design thinking so that our clients can give us their feedback on designs as we evolve.

  • How much does it cost to build a custom app? 

    The cost of web application development depends on the size, complexity and multiple other factors. It also depends on the engagement model and requirements.

  • Do you also support on application maintenance after the development of a custom app? 

    Our clients normally ask us to design, develop and maintain the application end to end. We do have expertise of maintaining custom web applications and ensure that there is no downtime. With our application maintenance services, we significantly reduce maintenance costs, timely release updates, support on transition including shadowing teams and optimize processes to bring change as and when required.