What we Offer
With our 10+ years of experience in social listening and ORM, we help brands monitor their Share of Voice in comparison to their competitors. We listen to all the conversations happening around your brand on the web, including both traditional media & social channels, enable better decision-making by analyzing these conversations using various tools and share actionable insights in the form of daily, weekly & monthly reports.

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Our capabilities
  • trend and noise analysis

    We identify and focus on emerging trends around your brand while blocking irrelevant noise to focus on key conversations

  • influencer analysis

    Our team analyzes key influencers and brand advocates along with recommendations on how to engage with them

  • share of voice analysis

    We identify your brand’s Share of Voice against your competitors to know the strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement

  • article source analysis

    We track the source of every mention and identify the top performing host for every mention; e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • persona analysis

    Our team identifies personality traits, purchase behavior & spending habits of your customers to identify core brand personas

  • sentiment analysis

    We evaluate the social listening data and attach a positive, negative & neutral sentiment to the mentions

  • social lead generation

    We evaluate social chatter and identify potential leads basis their tone, sentiments & category of topics

  • topic and suntopic categorization

    Our team categorizes what consumers talked about around the main topic and related sub-topics

  • industry comparisions

    We compare overall sentiments, buzz and Share of Voice with that of the industry to map your brand’s visibility in the overall landscape

Tools & Technologies

We leverage globally leading tools for social listening, social customer care and online reputation management

  • Talkwalker
    Real-time Social Media Listening
  • salesforce
    24/7 Social Customer Service
  • Similar Web
    Digital Intelligence & SM Monitoring
  • Special Bakers
    Social Media Management & Listening
  • Social Media Management & Listening
    Brand Monitoring
  • Brand Monitoring
    Social Listening & Analysis
  • Thoughtbuzz
    Social Media Monitoring
  • Sysomos
    Social Media Analysis