Our Offerings
Our Omnichannel Analytics services help you revamp your traditional marketing strategy by supplementing it with digital insights. We work on industry recognized, best of breed tools and dashboards that measure and analyze the impact of various marketing channels. 
  • digital-brand-index

    Digital Brand Index

    Digital Brand Index is a one of its kind analytics framework which helps you in gaining a 360 degree understanding of a consumer's digital journey by encapsulating analysis of the industry, geography, product, competitor and much more across all digital channels.

  • customer-analytics-strategy

    Customer Analytics Strategy

    Our cross-channel analytics services help you to drive value across the customer lifecycle from awareness to post purchase behavior. Our omnichannel analytics services transform various aspects such as market sizing, competitor analysis, marketing mix, segmentation, channel optimization.

  • digital-market-research

    Digital Market Research

    Our cross-channel analytics services also comprise digital market research for Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis and Geographical Market Analysis as well as identify cross selling /up selling opportunities and much more.

  • digital-campaign-analysis

    Digital Campaign Analysis

    We help you measure the ROI of your digital campaigns to refine the social media strategy. Our analysis helps to understand the social media impact and effectiveness of your digital campaigns in a scientific manner and get the best ROI of the campaigns.

  • consumer-behaviour-studies

    Consumer Behaviour Studies

    We provide a granular understanding of consumer behavior using our analytics studies where sample size can go in millions. We help you identify which websites consumers spend their maximum time on, which type of content they like to engage with and who are the key influencers on digital.


Do you also have these queries?

  • What is Omni-channel Analytics?

    In today's digital era, consumers are interacting with brands in more ways than ever. Interactions span across a multitude of digital channels like Search, Website, Mobile Apps & Social Media and across multiple devices. Moreover, consumer journey is no longer a straight line with every channel playing a specific role in the marketing funnel. So marketers don't need more data. They need the right approach and unified metrics from which actionable insights can be drawn.

  • How big is your team?

    We are a smart and energetic team of 50+ digital or social media marketing consultants, domain experts, digital or social media analysts and data analysts spread across different geographies to support our clients with local languages, cultural and reporting needs. Our team has a deep understanding of industry-specific analytics solutions, frameworks and visualization tools available in the market.

  • Which are the key industries that you focus on?

    We have gathered deep industry knowledge over the years with engagements across a gamut of industries such as BFSI, FMCG, Travel & Hospitality, Media, Entertainment, Education, Automobile, Government and new age tech start‐ups among many others. We have industry experts with strong consulting and analytics background who help in transforming digital media data into actionable omnichannel insights for different industries.

  • Which digital media solutions and tools does the team have expertise on?

    Our omni-channel analytics team is tool agnostic as we are well versed with all the leading digital media analytics solutions and visualization tools to deliver actionable business insights. Tools that we use are Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Display Planner, Google Trends, SimilarWeb, Tableau, Sysomos, Radian6, Thoughtbuzz and many others depending upon the client's needs and requirements.