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Capturing data is highly crucial to analyze the performance of digital properties and scope for improvement. TO THE NEW implements leading analytics platforms, tag management systems and custom tracking pixels. Our team of Certified Digital Analytics Implementation Professionals has done over 40 implementations across different verticals.

 Our experts chart out a personalized digital analytics roadmap to demonstrate measurable business impact and also help in evaluating and recommending KPIs, tool stack and vendors.

Our Process
Kick-off/Requirement Gathering

Our Business Consultants/strategists will sit with you to evaluate & identify key business objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs), which will enable Business to analyze and optimize its website.

Requirement Gathering
Design & Development
Design & Development

Designing Solution Design Document, which contains variable mapping, page naming strategies. Technical Deployment Instructions document worksheet containing detailed data layer instructions on where, how and which Analytics tags are to be deployed (e.g. on page-load versus on-click) that should be a part of the Analytics implementation

Analytics Solution Set-up & Administration

Setting up the account as well as reportsuite/account ID along with variable mapping and console settings.

Analytic setup
Tag Management setup and Governance

Creating the web property along with rules and data elements.

Validation & QA

Full end to end test cycle validating if tags are firing correctly and validating the data captured in desired reports.

Key Benefits
  • Digital Analytics

    Get to know your users better


  • Digital Analytics

    Serve your users better via optimization and personalization

  • Digital Analytics

    Maximize the number of users who take your desired action

  • Digital Analytics

    Track all your digital campaigns and Increase digital revenues

  • Digital Analytics

    Strengthen your marketing initiatives

  • Digital Analytics

    Customize the implementation based on your website Information Architecture and Site Taxonomy.

  • Digital Analytics

    Track multiple macro and micro indicators using custom events and variables.

  • Digital Analytics

    Advanced Segmentation capability

  • Digital Analytics

    Perform deep-dive behavioral analysis using Pathing and Content reports.


Points Covered in our Audit
Project Phase