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Delivering the best results for your business by leveraging diverse performance-based marketing methods. We research personas, create content, choose the right target audience and drive media planning & buying for global clients. We also measure the KPIs and optimize campaigns to maximize conversion rates and drive higher ROI
  • Account Audit

    We follow a rigorous 100 point checklist to audit your account to identify possible areas of improvement. It thoroughly covering parameters linked with campaigns, ad groups & ads, including time scheduling, testing multiple ad copies and using strong & impactful CTAs

  • Channel Selection

    Our keyword & placement research are exhaustive, going through multiple rounds of iterations to arrive at the final selection. Keyword selection factors include stakeholders’ interviews, competition keywords & more, while the placement section covers topics of interest, remarketing, etc.

  • Landing Page Design

    Our design & development team creates the perfect ads & landing pages for your business portal. We choose the most effective ad format to deliver maximum impact. Our ad copies are created as per our target group’s stage within the buying funnel, with rigorous ad testing

  • compaign optimization

    We aggressively test our ads within the ad groups to identify which ad copy is working best and which one needs improvement. The ads are passed through optimization, split ad testing, A/B testing & landing page session recording

  • Analysis Reporting

    Our daily, weekly and monthly reports help you stay in complete control of your ad campaigns spending with actionable insights on user engagement map analysis, visibility, time spent on a page, engagement levels garnered & more

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