Asset management industry is approaching a watershed moment with post-financial crisis bull market run ending and growing acceptance of lower-cost, index-based products. Additionally, rising costs associated with investment performance and distribution are impacting asset managers’ flows, fees, revenue, and profitability.

In order to weather the storm, asset management firms need to keep expenses down to help make up for lower fees. At the same time, it becomes even more crucial for asset management firms to quickly adopt innovative and cost-effective technology solutions to help portfolio managers and sales teams in generating performance and AUM growth faster and cheaper than ever before.

For asset manager of any size, TO THE NEW can be the global technology partner with its deep understanding of asset management business and proven ability to implement solutions using modern technology stack in the areas of data management, UX/UI design, cloud migration & monitoring, and testing automation.

Challenges Faced by Asset Management Companies
  • Asset & Wealth
    Manually intensive client onboarding
  • Asset & Wealth
    Lack of client, accounting and reference data governance
  • Asset & Wealth
    Manual and error-prone cash flows reporting
  • Asset & Wealth
    Custom client reporting
  • Asset & Wealth
    Inconsistent portfolio analytics within the firm
  • Asset & Wealth
    Infrastructure & Cost


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How we deliver value to Asset Management Companies
Sales analytics

We have helped clients in deriving meaningful insights from funds distribution, CRM, and marketing campaigns data with real-time dashboards and reporting. A consolidated view of analytics from disparate sources allows users to perform cross-functional and product analysis required to support portfolio managers and client services. The informed sales and marketing analytics can help in behavioural segmentation of investors and identifying sales opportunities as well as asset retention risk.

Data Distribution

We have experience in implementing data platforms that provide consistent, timely, and verified accounting & sales data for firmwide consumption. A virtualized view of data from multiple sources can be used for daily AUM reporting, sales proposals, client reporting & services, performance reporting, and front-office needs. We have also advised clients on their innovation initiatives allowing them to embrace advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and predictive analytics.

Visualization products
Improved visualization with leading BI tools

We have used market-leading BI tools to gather, transform, integrate, and visualize raw & unprocessed data from CRM, Accounting, Data Vendors, and Third-Party systems. The data is visualized graphically in the form of charts, tables, graphs, infographics, maps, etc., to satisfy a variety of use cases like AUM and sales by region, product, strategy, sales managers, and financial advisors.