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Capital markets industry now is very different from the industry that we will see in 5-10 years of time. With upcoming changes in regulation, new technology landscape, innovations and more open sources, the industry is set to create more solutions, products and technology changes that will have an everlasting impact.

At TO THE NEW, we believe in enhancing customer experience by providing solutions that are not only scalable but provide real value to the customer and minimize the TOC for them.

Challenges Facing Capital Market Companies
  • Capital Market
    Obsolete and non-scalable system
  • Capital Market
    Lack of seamless user experience
  • Capital Market
    High technical debt in the form of traditional architecture
  • Capital Market
    Multiple versions of data sources for each vertical & groups
  • Capital Market
    Huge amount of time spent in verification of systems
  • Capital Market
    Lack of business intelligence and data analytics


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How we deliver value to Capital Market Companies
Front Office

Using our extensive experience in capital markets domain and related technologies, we have helped broker/dealer firms in implementing high performing and collaborative market-making trading platforms with robust execution, low systemic latency, and direct access to exchanges and markets. Our expertise includes implementing trade execution services using industry protocols like FIX 5.0, MPF, AEP, etc., and CLOB, RFQ-based or voice-based broker-dealer systems.

Front Office
Middle office
Middle Office

We have helped our clients in improving straight-through-processing rates in various asset types, along with position tracking and risk management. We specialize in creating services to capture trades from OMS platforms, including BBG TOMS, and communicate to the street by integrating with matching platforms like Omgeo CTM, Markit Wire & Swap wire, etc.