What we Offer
Payment technology is rapidly evolving to meet business needs of providing ubiquitous, convenient, fast and secure payment experience for end users. New payment innovations are empowering businesses and customers alike. Payment service providers are faced with a challenge of orchestrating change with a myriad of slow moving, interconnected, bulky legacy systems.
  • API Based

    We design and build scalable high throughput and robust multi-network, multi-channel and multi-instruments payment processing powered by APIs based containerized microservices architecture

  • Back office solutions

    We create Back Office solutions for merchant/customer Onboarding, Reconciliation, Clearing, Settlement, Analytics and Reporting

  • Risk and Fraud

    We provide Risk and Fraud Management solutions using data engineering and Machine Learning

Challenges we solve for digital payment companies
  • Friction and transaction failure rate during payment processing
  • Chances of credit/ merchant/ operation risk and fraud
  • Lack of efficiently automated operations

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