The global insurance market is rapidly evolving into a digital-first industry. The industry is redefining business as usual for the new generation of customers that can be served better with data, automation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technology.

At TO THE NEW, we work with leading Insurance companies to enable improved business efficiencies, reduced operational costs, and faster launch of new products and services with lower go-to-market time
Challenges being faced by Insurance Companies
  • Meeting the demand gap between multi-generation customers
  • Avoiding commoditization of consumers
  • Maintaining customer data privacy
  • Keeping up with evolving digital systems & technologies
  • Utilizing big data for personalized user journeys
  • Securing systems from cyber risks
Our Expertise
  • B2C
    • UX research
    • Corporate portals
    • Mobile-first apps
    • Self-serve customer portals
  • b2b
    • Offline lead-gen applications
    • Marketplace for distributors
    • Data aggregation
    • Reporting & notifications
  • Automation
    • Build deployment automation
    • Extensive functional testing
    • Load & security testing automation
  • Optimized
    • UX driven buyer journeys
    • Integration with multiple aggregators
    • Rule-driven optimised chassis for product launch
    • Integration with Insurance core systems for quote generation
  • Public support
    • AWS & Azure deployments
    • Cloud Consulting
    • Implementation of Cloud-ready apps