We deliver ready to deploy frameworks and technology services for Mutual Fund companies to help them transform digitally. Our experts help them with a comprehensive technology roadmap and a bespoke digital transformation strategy, enabling them to position as a leader in the Mutual Fund industry.

While companies are still struggling to keep pace with the latest technology, many of them are also trying to leverage big data to stay ahead of the competition. To tackle such challenges, our experts at TO THE NEW aim to provide a seamless digital presence for your brand, with enhanced performance and reliability at the forefront.

Challenges facing Mutual Fund companies
  • slow-performance
    Slow performing digital assets - corporate, investor and distributor portals
  • Traditional
    Traditional architectures with minimal cloud footprint leading to scalability issues
  • Mediore
    Mediocre user experience that lacks personalization
  • Inefficient
    Inefficient data management resulting in lack of robust upsell | cross-sell mechanisms
  • High-dependent
    High dependence on RTAs to run systems
  • limited-analytics-capabilities
    Limited analytics capabilities
How we deliver value to the Mutual Fund companies
Our team of experts have worked with leading asset management companies and financial institutions across the globe. Our team of consultants have enabled financial institutions to succeed in their digital transformation journey by providing apt solutions for their businesses. Below mentioned are the principles forming the backbone of every solution we provide.
  • Redefine Customer Experience
    Redefine Customer Experience

    Develop compelling omni-channel experience to meet the demands of digital natives

  • Improve operational efficiency
    Improve Operational Efficiency

    Leverage technology to transform backend operations for faster service and response times and higher profitability

  • Provide Personalization
    Provide Personalization

    Higher customer intelligence using big data analytics and machine learning to offer highly personalized and integrated services

  • Advanced Analytics
    Advanced Analytics

    Provide out of the box insights leveraging big data and analytics and business rule engine to help improve decision making

Industry solutions
MF Ready - A pre-built technology solution well suited for mutual fund companies.

Mutual Fund investors and distributors perform numerous transactions on a daily basis generating humongous data being managed by RTAs. While RTAs form the backbone of the mutual fund industry supplying all the required data, their use of woefully aged platforms and file structures makes them a major bottleneck in the complete process flow.

Leveraging its years of experience on cutting edge technologies and industry knowledge, TO THE NEW has invested in developing a solution framework called ‘MF Ready’ that drastically reduces the Mutual Fund houses’ dependence on RTAs for data.

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