The rise of cloud computing, spanning the use of externally-sourced cloud services, is fast altering the way IT resources have been traditionally managed. Enterprises, in turn, are realizing impressive advantages in terms of costs and agility. The cloud paradigm, comprising of computing resources delivered remotely over the internet as a service, has transformed the IT ecosystem into one of intertwined infrastructure, platform, and application services.

Success in the cloud, however, is a function of quality. When enterprises rely on third-party service providers for cloud solutions, they forego a significant amount of control over application performance, quality of local infrastructure, data safety, etc. Hence, rigorous quality assurance is key to embracing a future with cloud computing.

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  • The Rise of Cloud Computing
  • The Need for Better Quality Assurance 
  • Quality Assurance Framework
  • Quality Assurance In the Implementation of Cloud Computing 
  • Quality Assurance of Security in Cloud Computing