The industry is demanding faster delivery than ever before. As development and delivery practices transform, testing must follow suit. Successful teams know that continuous testing is key to delivering quality digital experiences at speed. Why? Because manual testing no longer suffices for keeping pace with development timetables today.

Users today want quality software, and organizations are responding by moving to a continuous testing approach. This approach is imperative for developing software quickly with fewer defects. Thus, testing must evolve to become an end-to-end, cross-functional operation, that engages all teams through the development life-cycle.

This whitepaper sheds light on how continuous testing supplies the development team with useful data throughout the process instead of only adding value at the end. It ensures that quality is built in as soon as requirements are defined, validating each component at the development level before it makes its way to the system. Adding to the fundamentals and core elements of Continuous Testing, the whitepaper also talks about its implementation, the challenges as well as its advantages.