According to a recent State of Quality report, there has been an 85% increase in Test Automation across industries. Automated Testing is slowly moving towards AI based software testing as traditional testing methods have consistently led to 30-50% wastage of time and resources. As organizations move towards becoming agile, accelerate time to market while reducing risks, the need to embrace AI in software testing has become more prominent.

AI in software testing paves the way for greater intelligence, scale, and speed. However, the big question is will bots eventually replace humans in software testing?
This whitepaper provides insights on:

bulletsAI and its application areas in testing
bulletsPros and Cons of AI in Software Testing
bulletsManual Testing vs AI Testing
bulletsSample use cases and test scenarios
bulletsPossible synergy areas between AI and human testers
bulletsThe way forward and the AI adoption trend in Indian Market

Download this whitepaper to integrate AI in your software testing and successfully build products with shorter test cycles.