By Deepak Mittal (Co-founder & CEO, TO THE NEW)

With the advancements in digital technology, there has been a constant evolution of the marketing landscape. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has also contributed to this phenomenon and has pushed businesses to embrace agility and identify new avenues of growth.

The something-for-everyone proposition, combined with value-for-money subscription packs and low-cost internet, has made OTT platforms a trend that is not going anywhere. According to research results from Statista, Netflix is expected to have 188 million subscribers by 2025 in the United States alone. This global rise of OTT media services has opened endless opportunities for digital marketers looking for unique ways to approach their consumers. Here's how digital marketers can make the most of the growing popularity of OTT platforms.

Precision Audience Targeting

Every user logs in through their personal accounts on OTT platforms. Doing so gives marketers access to granular consumer data, such as age, gender, region, devices used and browsing patterns. Marketers can leverage this data to tailor marketing campaigns to the target audience.

Advanced Analytics

Marketers can use analytics to track and measure a variety of metrics not available on traditional platforms such as viewability, interactions and delivery efficacy to determine the success of their marketing efforts.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Marketers are going all out to disseminate their ads and not restrict themselves to social and search media platforms to meet their target audience.

Promotional Partnerships

These partnerships aim to ride the popularity of certain OTT shows by creating parallel storylines that resonate with the brand persona.

Social Media Engagement

Marketers can leverage this opportunity to engage with these fans via banter, live chats, streaming of live events, social media posts and contests.

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