1. Staying Active: I try to squeeze in some form of physical activity in my day to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. I like to walk-the-talk with my team members instead of keeping meetings in a closed cabin and I choose stairs over lifts. A change in surroundings also rejuvenates the mind, helps in ideation, and builds better work relations.

2. Organized Lifestyle: One can’t eliminate stress from life, but one can always manage it. I plan my life by making daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists. Instead of using an app, I like to write everything down which helps me retain things better and make faster decisions.

3. Controlled Diet: Although caffeine is a driving fuel for many of my colleagues, I restrict my coffee/tea consumption to two cups a day and drink a lot of water instead. Though I do not follow any specific diet, I prefer taking home cooked meals and eat out only when travelling for work.

4. Meditation: I believe meditation is food for the soul. I put away my gadgets now and then to disconnect from the world. Occasionally, I also attend meditation camps to rejuvenate myself.

5. Sound Sleep: Catching up on sleep, for at least 7 hours a day is a must for me. I go to sleep early and like waking up to the calming sounds of daybreak. On days when I have to get on calls with stakeholders from different time zones, I rely on short power naps during the day!

-   by Raman Mittal, CMO & Co-founder, TO THE NEW

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