With its exclusive Made-for-India, Rs 199 per month mobile plan, Netflix has announced its intent for the Indian OTT market: India means serious business. 

In the past the company had been steadfast in its statements that it would not lower subscription rates for the Indian audiences, fast forward to 2019 and it has launched its cheapest plan available worldwide to fatten its subscriber base. 

The lure of the growing smartphone user, deeper internet penetration along with an insatiable appetite for video content in India has become too hard for the company to ignore.

Raman Mittal, CMO and Co-founder, TO THE NEW, says that a majority target audience of OTT platforms is still price-sensitive. “Here, VOOT and other home grown OTT players bring an edge by offering prices and deals which suit the audience. This provides intense competition to players such as Netflix or Amazon. The content created by local players is very much in line with what the Indian regional audience would like to watch.”

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