The creative application must be charming and relevant to the industry or position the newcomer is applying for, so that it does not seem like a desperate attempt to land a job interview, shares Satya Sharma, VP - HR, TO THE NEW. He says, “There is definitely a rise in sketch resumes where young applicants are using animation as a medium to speak about their education, experience and personal details. The as they are presented in a storyboard format and are eye-catching. Another trend that is gaining popularity is that of personalised cover letters wherein apart from achievements, the applicants are also sharing personal information that candidates usually shy away from, like saying ‘I am a foodie’ or ‘I hate to work on Saturdays’.”

However, cautioning new-age tech driven applicants, Satya says, “It is very important for the applicant to know where to draw the line because even for the role of graphic designer or product designer, if one goes overboard, then he/she might be raising the expectations of the recruiter. At the same time, there are also chances that the recruiter can find you over-qualified for the position. For roles like finance and operations, these kinds of resumes would be adding a little disadvantage because they might give out a sense of a lack of seriousness.”

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