TO THE NEW Organises 'Shop for a Cause' During Diwali Week

While Diwali celebrations at most organisations generally revolve around indulging in fun parties and exchanging gifts, digital technology company TO THE NEW, celebrated the week of Diwali with three NGOs- Prayas, SHEOWS, and Tender Hearts.

TO THE NEW invited the three NGOs to their office to exhibit their handicrafts. The products ranged from candles to home decor items, cloth bags, notebooks and much more. This was an opportunity for people supported by these NGOs to showcase their creativity. TO THE NEW celebrated these beautiful and unique handmade crafts inspired by the diverse Indian ethos. TO THE NEW’s employees, internally referred to as Newers, actively took part in the ‘shop-for-a-cause’ program and more than 380 products were sold during the period, the company said.

‘Casino for a cause’ was another social welfare-driven program. All proceeds from the game were donated. With these initiatives, the company continues to drive its social impact mission under the aegis of Pahal, CSR wing of TO THE NEW. The core philosophy of the company is building real-time societal values that form sustainable and inclusive growth for the company.

In a bid to align the company's values with the greater good, TO THE NEW undertakes social impact initiatives every month, envisioned to bring a positive change in human lives.

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