In this digital age, customers expect a consistent experience that is seamless, intuitive and engaging across channels be it social, mobile or in person. These digitally evolved customers ask for information anytime, anywhere, superior digital products and services, multi-channel experience and personalized, contextual engagement. 

Companies today understand how digital impacts their business. As the customer takes the driver seat, they are compelled to bring customer experience at the forefront for business growth. Companies are investing a lot of resources to gain an understanding of the Customer behavior, to be able to build digital products with enhanced customer experience. 

A 2016 research report by Forrester stated that 72% of businesses quote improving customer experience as their top priority. A following 2017 research report "Drive Revenue With Great Customer Experience" cited 3 models for measuring customer experience ROI and concluded a strong correlation between customer experience and revenue growth.

Customers engage and transact with the company at many touchpoints and businesses are required to provide a seamless experience across all channels. In many cases, creating a customer-obsessed operating model may require a complete overhaul of the technology infrastructure.

To move at the customer's pace, companies leverage leading technologies that help to improve CX including frontend technology AngularJS, backend technology Grails for rapid application development, microservices led architecture and DevOps for delivery pipeline automation. Companies are bidding farewell to the legacy way of working and are embracing digital transformation. Here are four ways that ensure a superior digital experience:

1. Seamless experience across channels
Since customers are interacting with brands on a channel of their choice, they are focussed on providing a seamless multi-channel experience. Along with mobile, they are focussing on Smart TVs, wearable devices and other second screens to reach a wider audience and keep them engaged. The different methodologies that brands leverage for providing a seamless customer experience include collaborative design thinking, persona development, top task analysis, user journey mapping, true intent, usability analysis and much more. 

2. Internal operations to enhance efficiency
Injecting operational efficiency is the key to provide superior end user experience. Companies are constantly making the workforce mobile, improving organisation wide productivity, automating internal processes and adopting many other Agile methodologies. By using backend tools, technologies, and process automation techniques, brands are able to attain zero downtime and manage customer interactions efficiently.

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