Many companies identify their ‘aha!’ moments as those that establish the strength of their relationship with users. These moments are anchored around developments where business’ products or services are finally able to resonate with customers.

And like many solutions, these were less about advanced technologies and more about simple and effective messaging, a point that was made clear to Prithviraj Dutta, a senior data scientist at a digital technology company, TO THE NEW.

“The fact that machine learning is a probabilistic approach to problem-solving makes it more precarious in terms of arriving at an optimal solution,” he says. “Many times, data scientists approach a problem with multiple cutting edge algorithms, hoping to improve the result. However, with time and experience, they realize the importance of keeping things simple, and that is what happened to us,” he adds.

In some instances, these may not even revolve around one moment, but culminate into a series of actions that is aligned more closely to the business’ interest. And these are often very straightforward, albeit challenging, paths.

Adds Abhishek Goel, Head of Data and Analytics at TO THE NEW, “Sometimes, the simplest approach yields the best results.”

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