India | Automotive
Founded in 2000, Amaron, an Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL) brand, is among the largest automotive batteries manufacturers in India.
Successfully managing Digital Campaigns for Amaron since 2016
Surpassed all forecasted performance for PPC campaigns
Consistently increased Social Media followers and engagement
Implemented successful Influencer Marketing campaigns like #lastslongreallylong
TO THE NEW is responsible for defining and implementing a Digital Marketing strategy for Amaron, including Performance Marketing, Social Media, ORM, and SEO for the brand.
New call-to-action
To increase brand awareness & recall through Social Media
To generate positive sentiment & word-of-mouth for the brand
To enhance website performance through SEO efforts
The Solution
TO THE NEW devised a roadmap focusing on Social Media, Online Reputation Management (ORM), SEO & Digital Campaigns to achieve the set objectives.
Engaging the target audience on Social Media with their topics of interest - Car Care Tips and Road Trip Ideas while avoiding sales-driven messaging
Leverage ORM & Amaron’s social handles to provide quick and quality customer support
Optimized keywords for Amaron to help customers find suitable batteries for their automobiles through SERP
Launched Performance Marketing, Influencer Marketing & Brand Collaboration campaigns to create audience engagement
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW has been successfully managing digital campaigns for Amaron since 2016.

Over 14% Y-o-Y organic growth on Facebook page since 2017

~4.5Mn impressions with ~1.5Mn reach with influencer marketing on Twitter

350Mn+ impressions and 4.8Mn+ clicks & views through a 3-month long performance campaign

4X impressions, ~6X clicks at 85% lesser CPC and 38% greater CTR of forecasted PPC results