Sweden | E-commerce
Axfood is a leading food retail group in Sweden and the second-largest player in the Swedish food retail market with a market share of approximately 20%.
Delivered a high-quality E-commerce website in just 4 months
Significantly transformed user experience
TO THE NEW worked as an end-to-end Product Engineering Partner to develop an entire E-commerce platform for Axfood in just 4 months. The platform offered a new revenue stream while efficiently expanding the customer base.
New call-to-action
Enable efficient processing of customer orders
Introduce enhanced search capabilities
user experience
Create an engaging experience for users
The Solution
TO THE NEW developed the entire E-commerce platform for Axfood within 4 months. The scope included the entire back-end, front-end, RESTful web services, and mobile application platforms. Furthermore, TTN developed a high performance and scalable web platform on both iOS and Android application platforms.
A simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface was designed for Axfood platforms
Message-oriented middleware was implemented to ensure efficient management of customer requests
Developed and deployed a prediction engine for a better user experience
Payment Gateway
Integrated multiple payment gateways and ensured the platform’s GDPR compliance
New call-to-action
Value Delivered
The E-commerce platform played an important role in the success of Axfood.

Significantly transformed user experience with menu-planner functionality and prediction engines

Implemented multiple payment gateways and one-touch order for items listed against ingredients in recipe pages and provided superior user experience