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Clavis Insight is the global leader and provider of online store analytics. Delivering actionable data, analysis, and insights to enable consumer goods brands to track and optimize their online channel presence and performance.
Developed an Amazon Marketplace specific analytics platform
Delivered quick decision-making capability with a centralized dashboard
Insights on user and customer behaviour in the buying journey
TO THE NEW developed a powerful Analytics Platform - Amazon OneView that provides a single view dashboard allowing the brand-owner to visualize everything they need to understand and measure to grow sales on Amazon Marketplace.
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multiple platforms
Optimize product performance across Amazon's Marketplace
digital technology
A single consolidated view multiple data resources
multiple platforms
Understand how customers experience their products in the purchase cycle
The Solution
TO THE NEW utilized its deep expertise in E-Commerce and Data & Analytics to build a competent platform for Clavis Insight
Developed highly configurable and customized Highchart view for different analysis
Spring Boot based backend API and security for providing multitenancy and robust security to the customer's sales data
designand developed
Data refresh, syncing between various systems and matching using the highly efficient jobs for data harvesting
Angular based javascript UI frameworks provide real time experience and Highcharts generated dashboards to interactive analysis
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW successfully delivered a highly capable Amazon Marketplace specific analytics dashboard to Clavis Insight.

Daily, weekly and monthly updates of reports involving more than 200 active data points

Comprehensive and real-time E-commerce insight on desktop and mobile app sales

Single reporting platform for all aspects of Amazon, including sales analytics, consumer engagement, and representation